Wedding Day Skincare Preparation with Jeuneora Founder Monique Kaminski 

Together Journal sits down with skincare expert and founder of Jeuneroa, Monique Kaminski, to hear how she prepped her skin for her own wedding and what tips she would give to couples now.

Jeuneroa was born when Monique (Mon) saw a need for products that could be a healthy support to a busy lifestyle, which is fitting for a bride-to-be, as wedding planning is nothing short of busy!

Mon is an expert when it comes to skincare, she’s the founder of a business that’s leading the way in the beauty industry, not only for its successful skincare formulas but because of its commitment to sustainability.

We were fortunate enough to chat to Mon about her wedding skincare prep and what tips she would give to couples today with her wealth of skincare knowledge.

Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to launch your beautiful skincare brand Jeuneora?

My obsession with skincare began at a young age and definitely comes from my mum! My mum cultivated her own self-care routine with all sorts of beautiful skincare and it was the one time in the day that was just for her in our large and chaotic household. I was forever sneaking into her room and trying the various wonder lotions she had on her dresser. Now I love all the routines, morning and evening, it’s a bit of me time. Being able to create an entire range and see it come to life has been a dream come true. 

Tell us a little about your wedding?

Our wedding was in 2017 on a private rural property in Ohoka, Canterbury. There was a huge converted woolshed that was perfect for dancing all night long to a live band. We didn’t want a traditional sit-down wedding, so we had walk and fork food, as well as food stations. As a big foodie, I was lucky to have Chef Andrew Brown run the catering, which included two large paella dishes, wood-fired pizzas, an Argentinian-style fire pit for charring the meat and the walk and fork salads and finger foods. For dessert, we had Mr Whippy, which was a real hit and added some fun. The vibe and aesthetic was tied into the location being on a farm, with some hay bale seating around the venue and plenty of romantic wildflowers. A special touch was the wedding arch that my husband made for us, this was also covered in roses, eucalyptus and gypsophila. 

What did you do in the way of skincare prep for your big day? Did you change up your existing routine much?

I wish I had the Jeuneroa skincare range back then – in particular our Brightening Booster double-action Vitamin C serum and GoNightly Overnight Repair Cream. I did a hydrating mask once a week and stuck to the same skincare products leading up to the wedding, which is super important – definitely do not introduce a new product the week of the wedding in case of a breakout, which can often happen as your skin settles.

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What do you think made the most difference to your skin personally in the lead up to your wedding?

Taking our Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder daily made a huge difference to my hair, skin and nails leading up to the wedding. It can take a month or two to see the results of taking marine collagen so I would recommend starting six months ahead to get the most benefit.

If you could go back in time what would you add to your pre-wedding skincare routine that you perhaps didn’t know about or perhaps it was not available at the time?

Apart from the entire Jeuneroa skincare range, I would have also loved to have our Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate back then. It’s designed to support sleep, relaxation, immune function, mood balance and your ability to cope with stress and fatigue. Just what you need when you’re busy planning a wedding!

And if we have brides reading this now and they only have a matter of weeks to their own weddings what would you recommend for the late runners or those that don’t have the luxury of a longer time frame? 

Drink lots of water, make sure you have a good sleep routine and if you’re going to be out in the sun make sure you cover up or wear lots of sunscreen to avoid any annoying tan lines or redness on your big day!

Did you start any skincare habits in the lead-up to your wedding day that you loved so much that you still include them regularly in your skincare routine now? 

I did become a fan of under-eye patches and masks, it felt like such a treat! Watch this space for Jeuneora…

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What is one of your enduring memories from your big day?

Being together with family and friends, it’s a special event where everyone comes together from both sides of the family to celebrate which for most people is quite rare. Making a commitment to your partner, your best friend, in front of all your loved ones is a poignant moment that is unforgettable. It was also VERY hot and we ran out of strawberry daiquiri’s far too early haha. 

Advice for couples who have a wedding coming up in the next six months?

Enjoy the process, it can be really fun even though it’s often associated with stress (also not good for skin!), but I really enjoyed picking the flowers, the cake, the catering and the band, and the wedding itself was so much fun with all of our friends and family. I actually felt a bit sad when it was over because all that momentum just suddenly stops! 

Jeuneroa was founded in 2016 by Monique Kaminski. With a passion for all things skincare, and a background in packaging and website design, Mon saw a need for products that could not only be a healthy support to a busy lifestyle, but be the go-to foundation for beauty too.

You can learn more and shop Jeuneora online here.