Wedding Glow Up with The Da Vinci Clinic

In search of some extra support as you prepare for your wedding day – and beyond?

To ensure that your skin radiates a beautifully smooth and lustrous glow? Well, we might have the perfect solution for you…

While we understand that cosmetic enhancements may not be the perfect fit for everyone, we do recognise their popularity among many. Here at TJ, we aim to provide recommendations from trusted experts. That’s why we’ve collaborated with our partners and the experts at the Da Vinci clinic to discover some cosmetic tips and tricks you can incorporate in the run-up to your wedding day.

Botox©, known by many and often used for the first time in the lead up to a wedding day can be expertly utilised to gently alleviate the strain on facial muscles, contributing to the gradual softening and reduction of prominent lines and wrinkles, including those on the frown lines on the forehead and delicate crow’s feet.

The effects of Botox©  typically endure for about three to four months, although it can vary from person to person. According to the experts at Da Vinci Clinic the optimal timing for a bride or groom to consider a Botox treatment would ideally be around 12 months before their wedding day.

This generous timeframe allows for carefully developing a personalised treatment plan tailored exclusively for your unique face and muscles. Additionally, it gives a chance to undergo repeat treatments during this period and can provide each person with the assurance of knowing what to anticipate from the outcomes of their Botox© treatment, boosting their confidence and ensuring the patient is 100% comfortable, used to the procedure and feeling just like themselves on their magical day.

Fillers can also offer a subtle way to enhance the natural shape and add volume to various face areas, such as the lips. They are also effective in restoring lost volume in areas of the mid-face and under the eyes and can be used for contouring and smoothing out deeper, well-established lines.

At Da Vinci, they use Juvéderm products, which are enriched with hyaluronic acid for optimum results. The longevity of the filler varies, ranging from 12 to 18 months, depending on the specific Juvéderm product selected (as certain products are recommended for distinct areas) and the unique characteristics of each individual face.

To prepare for your wedding, again Da Vinci Clinic strongly suggests scheduling a consultation, ideally a minimum of 12 months in advance. This allows them to collaboratively determine your desired goals and create the most effective treatment plan and to achieve them in the months leading up to your special day.

Da Vinci is a special group of true professionals. These folks work with hundreds of patients every year; their surgeons and consultants are top-notch as well as extremely discreet and caring. What sets them apart is their understanding of how important it is to enhance your natural beauty in a way that’s genuine, ethical and authentic to you. Everyone is different, and everyone needs special attention and time. They’ll be right there with you every step of the way, and they’re all about building long-lasting relationships.

They are incredibly warm and welcoming, and even if it’s just a casual chat to learn more about what’s on offer, their door is wide open with a friendly smile.

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