Othertopia: Aesop launches three new fragrances

Together Journal has had the pleasure of trialling many Aesop collections over the years so the team couldn’t wait to learn more about the beauty atelier’s latest line: Othertopia.

The portfolio boasts three new fragrances inspired by Heterotopias, a concept established by philosopher Michel Foucault. The term describes certain cultural, institutional and discursive spaces which are somehow ‘other’. This might mean they’re identified as intense, transforming or disturbing. 

Seeking inspiration from this notion of Othertopias, Fragrance creator Barnabe Fillion sought inspiration from this notion of Othertopias and created Aesop’s three starring fragrances: Erémia, Karst and Miraceti.

First up: Erémia. An homage to the natural world, this fragrance is a contrast between waxy florals and earthy undertones. Rooted in iris, citrus and yuzu, Erémia mimics the scent of concrete after rainfall.

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“A smell, whether in the air, on our skin, or on our clothes, creates a world within our world that is both physical and imagined – a phenomenon that blurs the boundaries of past and present, real and unreal, here and there. A window into nature, so to speak, one that invites a dialogue with surroundings that we inhabit but often overlook.”

Karst on the other hand is a tribute to the ocean’s salty air and waves that so many of us sought comfort in on lockdown walks over the last 18 months. Inspired by rugged cliff tops and the bubbly seafoam hugging the shoreline, this is a fresh fragrance with marine and herbaceous qualities.

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Lastly, there is Miraceti. Inspired by the adventure and serenity of the sea, this is a warm, woody and spicy scent. Labdanum hints at old, ocean-worn wood with a touch of whisky-filled nights.

Each fragrance is housed in a glass carton emblazoned with the work of Belfast painter Jack Coulter and is gender-neutral, vegan and cruelty-free.

Othertopia is now available to purchase in Aesop’s signature boutiques, select department stores and online.