A drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake

a drop d'issey perfume

A drop d’Issey was dreamed up by a perfumer who wanted to invite us to look at the world from a whole new perspective. Opening our eyes to the beauty of the wild, the fragrance is a magic marriage between nature and technology.

As the scent of lilac cannot be extracted from the flower, it had to be recreated by the world’s most creative noses. Using green chemistry, the blooms don’t need to be harvested meaning the lilacs are protected.

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A floral scent, damask rose takes on the role of the top note while lilac, which sits at its heart, is heightened by ethically-sourced orange blossoms and almond milk accord. Bringing warmth to the skin, upcycled cedarwood and vanillin grounds the scent.

Designed to sit on the bedroom vanity, the perfume is housed in a spherical bottle crafted from 5% recycled glass and can be laid on its side.

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Together Journal also had the pleasure of reviewing another of Issey Miyake’s cult fragrances, ‘IGO’. Reimagined for the modern woman, the iconic 1992 fragrance now sits in a genius two-in-one bottle. The cap, you can take on your commute whilst the main body, can be left on the vanity ready for when you arrive home.

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