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Skin care requires constant and dedicated learning, both from its users and its purveyors. Since its founding 35 years ago, Aēsop has created formulations with a focus on caring for the skin and supporting its optimal health.

The Aesop x RÆBURN Adventurer Roll-Up

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Aesop has teamed up with British fashion studio RÆBURN to create the Adventurer Roll Up, a travel-friendly beauty pouch for adventures big and small. Made from 80% recycled cotton, it’s decked in 1960s aeronautical navigation maps to highlight the reality of climate change. The focus lies on Borneo and the Aral Sea, two corners of … Read more

Aesop launches trio of candles inspired by ancient astronomy

After a storm comes the quiet. The once-boisterous waves grow gentle and begin to tease the sand. The sun breaks through the clouds, as sea birds slowly settle in the trees. A battered ship pulls to the shore, a sense of relief from those on board.  Inspired by the ‘wine-dark’ sea Homer wrote about in … Read more