Drawing on the provocative yet comforting myth of Narcissus and Echo, widely embraced skincare brand Aēsop brings us a new fragrance that will surely beguile your senses.

As one of the leading names in the beauty and wellness game, Aēsop is well known for standing by its values to produce products that are meticulously crafted and of fine quality.

Apart from their well-loved hair and skin care range, Aēsop has recently been diving into fragrances, bringing about a line of unique scents which quickly became fan favourites. Naturally, their latest fragrance is no different.

Wooded depths, hypnotic spices and liquid stillness are what give Eidesis Eau de Parfum its deeply captivating character.

Claimed as a fragrance with no gender boundaries, this latest addition to their Othertopias collection is designed to be worn as an intimate layer that lingers on both body and mind. It opens with rousing top notes of sparkling Petitgrain, spicy Black Pepper and a subtle floral accord, leading to a resinous, spicy heart of Frankincense, Cumin and Cedar, before resting into a base of sumptuous Sandalwood, Cedar and earthy, green Vetiver.

Eidesis was devised in partnership with Barnabé Fillion, a renowned perfumer and long-term collaborator.

“A smell, whether in the air, on our skin, or on our clothes, creates a world within our world that is both physical and imagined—a phenomenon that blurs the boundaries of past and present, real and unreal, here and there. A window into nature, so to speak, one that invites a dialogue with surroundings that we inhabit but often overlook.” – Barnabé Fillion

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