Go one step further with that special gift and add a personal touch with Jo Malone’s engraving and monogramming service.

The perfect gift for brides or bridesmaids. This engraving and monogramming service at the Jo Malone Store in Britomart makes the gorgeous sought-after colognes and candles a personalised gift that’ll be treasured forever. Have your choice of two elegant fonts and engrave your cologne or candle with a personal message, a special date or their initials.

Jo Malone Britomart has an engraving machine in-store that you can use yourself through an iPad. If you head to the store in the midst of wedding planning, you might as well book an appointment with a personal consultation to help you dress the venue with scent, choose gifts and create the ultimate touch… your bespoke scent.

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Jo Malone London is a brand famous for its unique fragrance portfolio. Having rewritten the rules of perfumery by mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients and providing elegant yet playful concepts where scent is used, they are known for pushing the boundaries of fragrance development. So a Jo Malone engraved cologne or candle is truly a beautiful gesture for someone you love.

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