Aesop launches trio of candles inspired by ancient astronomy

Aesop Aesop Home Aromatique Candle

After a storm comes the quiet. The once-boisterous waves grow gentle and begin to tease the sand.

The sun breaks through the clouds, as sea birds slowly settle in the trees. A battered ship pulls to the shore, a sense of relief from those on board. 

Inspired by the ‘wine-dark’ sea Homer wrote about in The Odyssey, Aesop’s new trio of aromatic candles pays tribute to the stars’ role in navigating adventurers home in centuries gone by.

Formulated in collaboration with French perfume artist Barnabé Fillion, each candle is named after an ancient star gazer.

“We took inspiration from ancient astronomy and associated mythologies, and considered the historical significance of candles, seeking new aromatic blends that would engender a sense of equanimity and refuge from workaday concerns,’ says Dr Kate Forbes, the company’s Innovation Director. 

“As is customary in our partnership with Barnabé, scientific rigour worked hand-in-hand with ardent intellectual curiosity, and tradition with innovation.”  

Ptolemy pays homage to the Greek-Egyptian scientist who catalogued the stars and is designed to evoke the imagined scent of the moon. A woody scent, it brings to mind ancient Japanese forests.

Expect deep green base notes of Cypress, Cedar and Vetiver.

In contrast, Aglaonice boasts a bright, floral scent. Named after the first female astronomer of Ancient Greece, who was renowned for her knowledge of the moon and its cycle, it’s a tribute to the heady aromas of Cape Spartel in Tangier.

Fresh Mimosa strikes a delicate chord with the warm, spicy notes of cardamom, clove and discreet tobacco.

Last in the trio is Callippus, an ode to the Greek astronomer and mathematician who closely observed planetary movements.

Redolent of ritual, expect frankincense and vetiver with bright top notes of shiso to finish.

In keeping with Aesop’s ethos, each candle is formulated using only vegan-friendly ingredients and boasts a cotton wick for an impressive 55 to 65 hours burn time.

Designed to emulate the parallel between the stars and wax as twin sources of light, each candle sits in a simple alabaster ceramic vessel which can be repurposed once burned.

A quote can be found inside each candle.