Revel & Light

In New Zealand, Revel & Light stands out as a premiere luxury candle installation and staging company. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, the brand has carved its niche in the industry.

Hivern Candles

The Wellington-based Hivern is a new kind of home fragrance brand that bonds scents with memories to transform space and mood.

Aesop launches trio of candles inspired by ancient astronomy

After a storm comes the quiet. The once-boisterous waves grow gentle and begin to tease the sand. The sun breaks through the clouds, as sea birds slowly settle in the trees. A battered ship pulls to the shore, a sense of relief from those on board.  Inspired by the ‘wine-dark’ sea Homer wrote about in … Read more

Fragrance Issue 12

Cire Trudon ‘Esterel’ candle — The latest fragrance in the French candlemaker’s Les Belles Matières collection, Esterel conjures the elegant gardens of the French Riviera, with their wild, flowering mimosas. Imported from Australia in the early 19th century, this sunny-coloured bloom has become the Côte d’Azur’s blossom. And like the bloom itself, this limited-edition candle … Read more

Bridal Party Gifts

01. Compartés premium handmade chocolate available at Blush Flowers | 02. Gold Hypnotise studs by Zoe & Morgan | 03. Rifle Paper Co Herb Garden 2018 Planner available at Paper Plane Store | 04. Six Barrel coffee syrup available at Father Rabbit | 05. Drake’s polka dot pocket square available at Crane Brothers | 06. Manicure set by George & … Read more

Together Loves – Trouvaille

Indie bridal brand Truvelle releases fragrance made for brides. They say you’ll never forget your wedding day, but what if you had a way to remember more than what the photos show? What if you had something that brought you both back to exactly how you felt in those life-changing moments? Introducing Trouvaille — the … Read more

Sea Breeze

Tones and colours found in nature have been the inspiration for this chic, eclectic tabletop shoot…..

The Story of Cire Trudon

Steeped in history that dates back to King Louis XIV, Cire Trudon is the epitome of luxury when it comes to candles, fragrance and giftware.