Revel & Light

In New Zealand, Revel & Light stands out as a premiere luxury candle installation and staging company. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, the brand has carved its niche in the industry.

Unlike typical candle providers, Revel & Light emphasizes the importance of lighting in setting the mood for events. With this in mind, they offer a diverse range of luxury candles designed to enhance any occasion.

The brand shares, “we don’t just hire candles for the sake of hiring candles. We really believe that lighting is a crucial (and often overlooked) element of an event or a wedding, and can make a world of difference in setting the mood and atmosphere in a space. We appreciate that there are many elements that when combined, can create a luxury vibe and mood.”

Truly, each candle in Revel & Light’s collection is thoughtfully crafted to offer a unique sensory experience. Moreover, what sets their candles apart is not just their aesthetic appeal but also their commitment to quality and safety.

Revel & Light has pioneered the concept of custom luxury candles in New Zealand. Crafted with precision, each candle is custom-made, from the type of wax to the design of the wicks. 

This dedication extends to their comprehensive full-service package, ensuring a seamless experience for clients from setup to cleanup. With Revel & Light, clients can rest assured that their candlelight dreams will be brought to life with precision and professionalism. Whether adorning a venue with a multitude of candles or opting for a more intimate setting, their team is equipped to execute flawless installations tailored to each client’s vision.

With Revel & Light, clients can expect professional execution and a memorable event atmosphere. The company’s commitment to excellence makes it a go-to choice for those seeking to elevate their occasions with a “magical, luxury candlelight experience.”

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