Allbirds have been making waves in the shoe biz with their eco-conscious materials crafting the comfiest, durable kicks you’ll ever find. Having come a long way with sustainable natural materials, Allbirds have now decided to take their soft and breezy feel to new heights with the release of their new underwear range made from their super-yarn that they’ve coined; “Trino”.

Allbirds combined eucalyptus fibre and merino to invent a soft, moisture-wicking material your private parts and the planet will love. Crafted with premium natural materials, the silky-smooth underwear stays so dry and fresh throughout the day, it’s like going au naturel.

We recently received a set and found it truly comfortable, they fit the body shape really well and were just lovely to wear with the fabric being so soft against the skin. This would make a great addition to stay super comfy for those long road trips, honeymoons or weekends away.

Half the fun of new items is the packaging and we were not disappointed! We love how there is no plastic involved in the creations of their packages, and that they’ve used recyclable card which is accompanied by a calico shopping bag that can be reused.

For more details, visit Allbirds