Aston Bridal

Introducing ASTON Bridal: Redefining Elegance for the Modern Bride.

In the ever-evolving landscape of bridal fashion, a new star has emerged, captivating the hearts of modern brides seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and cool, contemporary flair. ASTON Bridal, the epitome of chic bridal aesthetics, has taken the wedding industry by storm with its unique and trend-setting approach to gown design.

The brand’s mantra, Bridal reimagined, as YOU, reflects ASTON Bridal’s commitment to celebrating the unique essence of every bride. It’s a modern fusion of the typical ready-to-wear and traditional bespoke experiences. Each gown has the ability to be completely customisable making it a canvas for individual expression. This ensures every ASTON bride not only wears a stunning piece of art but a creation that resonates with her distinct personality and style.

The heart behind this fast-emerging cool girl bridal brand is led by none other than the recent bride & Sydney designer, Miranda-lee Aston. Miranda created her own reception dress and was astounded by the reaction it received.

After having already spent a decade in the fashion industry and with her own wedding fresh in her mind, Miranda knew that her true calling was to create unique, customised bridal gowns.

The Miranda Mini, the gown she created for her own wedding day, has now inspired brides all over the world to create their own Bespoke ASTON Bridal moment and snowballed into 2023’s most Iconic Mini bridal dress.

ASTON Bridal intertwines the essence of every bride and their unique love story into a tangible masterpiece. Whether you seek elegance, sophistication, or a touch of flirtatious fun, Miranda intimately collaborates with her clients to craft their own perfect bridal moment.

ASTON Bridal‘s highly anticipated debut collection, YOU is a heartfelt homage to where it all began. A story that’s as organic and sentimental as the bond between two lovers. 

Against the backdrop of the picturesque Palm Beach, Australia, Miranda and her husband exchanged vows in a serendipitous moment that defined the essence of their love story. Miranda donned her iconic Miranda Mini dress, marking the humble and accidental beginnings of the brand. It is only fitting that this beautiful love story serves as the inspiration for the debut collection, bridging the personal narrative of the founder with the inception of the brand itself.

YOU.” comes to life against the backdrop of Palm Beach’s golden sunsets, reflective rockpools, long sweeping coast and the organic textures sculpted by nature itself. 

The collection is an artistic reflection of the natural beauty that surrounds Palm Beach, capturing the essence of the locale’s surreal landscapes and ideal romantic lighting. 

Each design in the debut collection is a modern fusion of traditional and iconic elements, with a fun, romantic, and effortlessly cool vibe.

Every piece tells a unique story that delves even deeper with the opportunity to customise every look, allowing brides to express their individuality and embrace their own love story.

Miranda-lee Aston’s vision for ASTON Bridal is pushing fashion boundaries and encouraging brides to authentically express themselves. The brand’s unique blend of cool-girl chic and traditional craftsmanship symbolises a celebration of individuality, love, and the timeless beauty found in every unique love story.

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