Blooms of the week – On My Hand


Well we’re right into the depth of Winter now and with that comes some of my fave blooms. We have local Orchid and Hellebore growers here in Tauranga and I just love the range of colours they grow. I prefer to go and pick them myself and choose exactly which colours I want.

The cherry chocolate orchid is the best, and pairs well with the rest of the wintery flowers on offer at market. We have a lot of flowers in our studio at the moment due to starting up our online store so I whipped up this bouquet on the fly concepting what I would suggest to be a beautiful nod to Winter hues.

I used locally grown Erica, Queen Anne’s lace, ornamental kale, vibernum berries and hellebores. I wanted this bouquet to be simple, dark toned and feel like a good glug of red wine on a cold winters night!




Flora, words and photographs by Shaye at On My Hand