Blooms of the week – Still Life with Flowers – Issue 5




Vicki Roycroft, Wildflower—At this time of the year I adore winter roses (hellebores) with their lush, jagged foliage and simple, faded green and blush flowers – and then in spring, armloads of lilac, with its heady scent and drooping, heavily-laden budding branches.

Naomi Saffer, Leaf and Honey—All time favourite flower? Lilac has always been a favourite. Its heavily clustered blooms and intoxicating scent is a total winner!

Antonia de Vere at Mark Antonia Ltd—My all-time favourite flower is the hydrangea. It’s the flower that I use the most in my floral work. I love how the colours change when a hydrangea is grown, I love watching those changes through our hottest months, and when a hydrangea plant is done for the year, it’s time to cut and dry.

Sophie Wolanski, Muck Floral—Right now I’m craving spring flowers. Winter has me waiting for them to pop. Blossom, flowering vines and leafy branches are my blooms of choice for now.


Eden Hessell, The Botanist Floral Stylist—Favourite flower at the moment is the white king protea for its impressive and powerful presence in any arrangement. The purity of the white helps create an industrial feel with the soft balance of its silk-like petals.

Mindy Dalzell, Twig & Arrow Botanical Styling—I adore ranunculus. Delicate and wandering with so much character and beauty. They also have wonderful texture and a beautiful range of colours.

Photography by Greta Kenyon | Florists, The Botanist, Twig & Arrow, Muck Floral, Mark Antonia, Leaf and Honey | Linen table cloth, Nest |  All vessels florists’ own.