Blooms of the week – Yvette Edwards


I love seeing how flower trends emerge, fade away and then later return. Gypsophilia/baby’s breath is the perfect example of this –a bride would have cried if you used it 10years ago. Another is colour grouping, this was really in around the millennium, flowers in little colour groups in your bouquet, then it was really out for a while as people enjoyed a delicate vintage look. With the fine art weddings and now the ikebana styles, I can see this subtle, technical detail emerging again. Lots even choosing less variety of flowers to achieve this look and grouping a few of the same bloom together, like a few dahlias or roses. I love this contemporary look, and this time around it is softer, more ‘tumbly’ and romantic.



Words and blooms Yvette Edwards Floral Stylist, Photography Greta Kenyon