Boussole by Naveya & Sloane

Appropriately named “Boussole,” this collection serves as a guiding “North Star” for Naveya & Sloane, for genuine love always points the way back home.

“Boussole” is French for “compass.” and when held by Naveya & Sloane, it takes on an additional meaning, symbolising the magnetic connection between lovers – a place that gleams with brilliance and warmth, reminiscent of the feeling of home.

Launching this November, the jewellery atelier introduces a brand-new collection for engagements and weddings inspired by love stories that traverse both land and sea.

The Boussole collection evokes patterns found in the natural world, from the shifting sands of dunes and the gentle lapping of tides to the stones skimming and creating ripples on a serene lake and the undulating hills of swaying grass.

Crafted for all hands without regard to gender, the collection follows the natural contour of the finger. Naveya & Sloane Co-Founder Rachel Sloane states, “This collection boldly pays tribute to the timeless allure of gold, diverging from the conventional path of traditional engagement rings. It extends an invitation to all, offering layers of significance as unique as the journey of each couple.”

The collection boasts five engagement rings: the Tides band, Boussole dome, as well as the Floating, Round, and Oval Boussole solitaires. Complementing these, there are three options for wedding bands: the Oval, Graduated, and Curved Boussole bands.

Lead designer Sophie Bioletti used the Tides band as the foundational inspiration for the collection. She explains, “I envisioned a striking band as an alternative to the typical stone-set engagement ring, yet one that still conveys profound sentiment. Achieving the sculptural form and the graceful flow of gold on the finger was pivotal for the aesthetics.”

Contemporary sculptural elements have also found their place within the jewellery pieces, inspired by Sophie’s recent travels abroad. These journeys included visits to the Barbara Hepworth Museum in London and the Brancusi Atelier in Paris. She acknowledges, “Undoubtedly, these experiences had a significant impact on the more sculptural aspects of the pieces.

Just like every other creation from Naveya & Sloane, the opportunity for customisation guarantees that each ring is as distinctive as the love story it represents. The selection of precious metals available encompasses 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold, allowing for personalised choices.

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