Caitlin Crisp x Malfy Gin

Caitlin Crisp and Malfy Gin partner to create the perfect summer slip.

Introducing the ultimate G&T dress, the Amalfi Lemon Drop Wilmer Dress, a Caitlin Crisp and Malfy Gin collaboration. When Malfy Gin gave Caitlin creative freedom to design a piece that reflected the two brands aligning, it was only natural that the iconic Wilmer Dress was met with inspiration from Malfy Con Limone Gin. With perfect timing, the Amalfi Lemon Drop Wilmer Dress is here just in time for summer days and G&T weather.

Caitlin’s signature Wilmer Dress in the Amalfi Lemon Drop colourway is the ultimate summer slip; honoring the Amalfi lemon – a symbol of the coast and signature botanical found in Malfy Con Limone. Just as Caitlin Crisp invites her wearers to elevate life with chic and sophisticated fun, Malfy Gin complements any experience with a quality enjoyed by those with a passion for colour, flavour and sophistication, hence a partnership was born.

The silhouette flatters with its bias cut and bow-tied shoulders. The latest addition to the Wilmer collection is the most lively yet, made for balmy afternoons sipping gin and tonics as the sun sets.

The Wilmer Dress was first designed in Caitlin’s Season Three collection in 2019. Since then, it has made an appearance in most seasons, evolving to become a distinctly Caitlin Crisp style that is highly sought after in a range of fabrics and prints.

Malfy is a range of super-premium gins distilled by the Vergnano family in the Italian region of Moncalieri. Each gin in the Malfy range is distilled using genuine Italian ingredients such as Italian juniper, coastal-grown Italian lemons and Sicilian blood oranges and pink grapefruits.

Caitlin Crisp is a New Zealand fashion designer, well known for creating collections of timeless, easy-to-wear pieces that are elegant, but still a bit of fun, as well as providing a custom offering. Emerging in the industry by creating one-off pieces, Caitlin’s eponymous label has grown to create small, exclusive runs of designs that support local fabric and trimmings suppliers, with every garment being made by a talented NZ local.

Live la dolce vita this summer. Enjoy the Wilmer Dress in Amalfi Lemon Drop as your own little slice of sunshine, available now at Cailtin Crisp