Camilla & Marc – Realm

Camilla & Marc’s newest Spring-Summer collection – Realm, explores the symbolic notion that through every doorway lies an expansion, a stepping into another realm, an opportunity to uncover more. 

The collection explores the various interpretations of doors, both physically and metaphorically, featuring a new realm of textures and craftsmanship including mesh, lace, and fringing work.

Architectural ironworks are reflected through new metallics and unique hand marble printing, exposing an outward strength and intrigue in its wearer. Delicate floral lace is layered over structured suiting, soft knitwear is crafted using robust metallics, ethereal dresses are styled back with androgynous pants and fringing is added to sharp tailoring. 

An artful approach has been taken to this season’s colour palette; In addition to monochromatic and earthy tones, an injection of soft hues of blue, lilac and pistachio are met with bold infusions of pink and tangerine. The colours work together to refresh the collection, alluding to optimism for the future. 

This newest collection still honours signature silhouettes, including oversized outerwear, structured suiting and sharp lines. With the modern woman in mind, billowy shapes and delicate materials, evoke an effortless elegance, and allow a connection to the divine feminine.

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