Real Wedding: Danelle & Dirk – Photography by Nordica Photography

Dirk and I had known each other for a number of years before we started dating. We met through our local church and had many mutual friends, and one day those mutual friends decided to set us up on a date... and the rest is history.

Being a part of the wedding industry myself, as a photographer, I’ve seen an array of weddings, and from the beginning we knew we wanted our wedding to be all about the people, creating an atmosphere for everyone to gather and have a good time with one another, all on a beautiful winter's day.

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Real Wedding: Alisha & Frank – Photography by Anna Kidman

Frank and I were high school sweethearts. We met through a friend of mine at the time who was dating Frank’s cousin. We were all hanging out and from there Frank started texting me.

Everything on our wedding day went to plan! It’s hard to believe how well it went - there were no glitches (that we were aware of). We were fortunate to have a great team of people who also worked so well together.

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Real Wedding: Natasha & Nick – Photography by Josh Griggs

We married in a studio just around the corner from our house, covered in gorgeous vines that claimed their territory along the interior roof too. We styled the space minimally but beautifully, with one of my bridesmaids making a huge, gorgeous wreath. We played music from our gramophone and important people read special passages. Afterwards we enjoyed great Kokako coffee, hot chocolate and Karma Cola with our guests, served from The Tinman’s Citroen van. The bridal party then snuck off to Orphan’s Kitchen in Ponsonby with our photographers, where we enjoyed a wine and embraced all the emotions with our best friends before heading to the reception.


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Real Wedding: Kerry & Max – Photography by Daniel Orren for Chellise Michael

I had been going to Tulum for years, it’s a really beautiful beach village on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico - people always talk about it being quite magical and spiritual - and we knew we wanted to get married there. As soon as I had a guest count I was certain we should go the villa route to create the intimate environment we hoped for.

Everything went to plan. It was a laid back and beautiful day. Guests were invited to come at any time to simply hang out, which is what we wanted: to spend the day with our loved ones. We also said no gifts - we wanted guests to be present, not bring presents.


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Best Designer + Best Photographer

Together Journal entered two categories at the recent New Zealand Magazine Publishers Awards, Best Designer + Best Photographer in the consumer and special interests sector. It was the first time we had entered the awards and we were delighted to win both the categories we entered! Designer, Hannah Lawless and Photographer; Danelle Bohane are incredibly talented in their respective fields and we are so lucky to have them as main contributors to Together Journal. BEST DESIGNER - CONSUMER SPECIAL INTEREST Winner: Hannah Lawless - Together Journal Judges Comments "Breaks convention in the traditional wedding style magazines. Well curated mood, with clever storytelling through use of imagery. Elegant use of restraint.” lrlovelythings lrprophoto2perfume-candles_dp 72flowers   BEST PHOTOGRAPHER - CONSUMER Winner: Danelle Bohane - Together Journal  Judges Comments "Danielle’s ability to capture candid moments in an aesthetically pleasing way with a unique and fresh approach sets her work apart with a modern and honest approach." 1094-jordan-and-nicole Wen13 0700 Chris and Fiona LieFlatCoverB

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Real Wedding: Nicole & Jordan – Photography by Danelle Bohane

We first met before we even knew how to walk. Our parents met each other in a hill station in India called Mussoorie, when we were both just short of one year old. We then met again when we were in third grade, we went to a small school in New Delhi. I was Jordy's first crush, but back then I was terrified of little boys, especially him. We were in school together for three years, then home-schooled separately, and I moved to Thailand for high school. We had no contact with each other during that time at all, then in 2011 I went with my family on a rafting trip in India and Jordy and his dad were on the same trip. The first day I just observed him making everyone laugh and being friends with everyone. We were all sitting in a big group and he stopped and looked and me and said, “Do you ever talk?” I started laughing and then wouldn’t shut up the rest of the trip, and that was the beginning of us.

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Real Wedding: Bridget & Ryan – Photography by Jonny from A Narrative of Love

We first met in fifth form at Wentworth College - Ryan was being introduced to our English class and someone needed to take him to science, so being super kind I volunteered. We quickly became friends and then he asked me out at a party one night - and I said no! Then spent the following three weeks was wishing he would ask me again... Luckily our school ball came around and he asked me - that was nine years ago. Ryan would say I chased him.

B+R (624 of 700)

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Real Wedding: Laura & Ed – Photography by Bryony Tyler-Whiteman & Rambo Estrada

We met in 2013 when I photographed Ed at the restaurant where he was sous chef, while documenting a special event dinner. A few weeks later our paths crossed again at a barbecue and the sparks flew as we washed dishes. We were pretty much inseparable after that and have now designed our lives so hospitality hours won't keep us apart. This winter we’re opening a restaurant together, so our marriage is as partners in life, love, friendship and business.


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Real Wedding: Mimi & Stephen – Photography by Libby Robinson

My passion is food and Stephen’s is music, which makes for a good party! Our families are an incredibly important aspect of our lives and we love spending time with them - my family loves to wine and dine and Stephen’s are extremely active, so there have been some adjustments for all of us!

Stephen and I met in a bar after a concert. I was trying to chat up (though in hindsight it was more like pester). When that was unsuccessful, I moved on to Stephen!

Mimi &Stephen
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