Chez Gloria Opening

Chez Gloria – A multi-sensory space where dreams come true!

She’s back! We couldn’t be more thrilled about the re-entry into the market of Kristine Crabb as Gloria. Like many others, we have missed her dearly. The New Zealand fashion landscape just hasn’t been the same without her.

What sets Kristine Crabb apart is that she transcends being merely an extraordinary designer who crafts genuinely distinctive and cherished outfits. She’s also a virtuoso at fostering communities, effortlessly creating a sense of belonging that everyone yearns to be a part of. It’s the aura of Kristine herself – her warmth, her ingenuity, and, let’s be honest, her undeniable coolness – that draws people in, making them eager to join the fold.

In the designer’s words, Gloria is…

A multi-sensory space where dreams come true. High vibrational colours, textures and forms. The watery, dimensional, reflective wall signifies dream-like, conceptual realms. A world reflected, you reflect your world.

Chez Gloria is the serene new home of NZ artist Kristine Crabb. Gloria is a platform for creative ideas an art project, moving effortlessly into the realms of apparel, photography, music, magic, soireés and the written word.

The clothes represent a sense of freedom, natural beauty, timeless values and a style that is bold, enduring, and bizarre. Gloria channels the spirit of Kristine’s paternal grandmother, Gloria- a singular and inspiring maverick persona devoted to freedom and living harmoniously.” – Gloria founder Kristine Crabb.

The brand-new Gloria Showroom encompasses a distinct ready-to-wear retail section, an exclusive Gloria Custom chamber, and a tailor-made studio workroom, all ingeniously arranged within the ground floor of the magnificent standalone heritage building, adorned in striking red ochre, Kristine’s favourite colour. The address is 8 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand.

With the grand unveiling of the new showroom this week, Gloria is also introducing the digital catalogue for Gloria Custom, a modern bespoke service that allows for made-to-order pieces. This is incredibly thrilling news for contemporary brides-to-be and bridesmaids alike. Over the past few years, we’ve received numerous inquiries from wedding parties seeking someone who could fill the void left by Kristine Crabb.

“It’s a welcoming space where you feel peaceful and inspired. It changes with the seasons and new ideas we want to show. The new space we have created is functional, fluid and poetic, much like the clothes.”Gloria founder Kristine Crabb.

Chez Gloria Opening 8 Ponsonby Road Auckland
September 28th 2023

For more information and imagery, please email or call her at +64 9 360 0608

Or visit / @gloria_nz_