Crane Brothers Spring/Summer 2024

For Summer 2024, Crane Brothers have found their creative spark in the vibrant Parisian Jazz scene of the post-World War II period.

The predominant fashion trend revolved around the pairing of high-rise tailored trousers with neatly tucked short-sleeve polos. This combination gave birth to a comfortably structured yet effortlessly relaxed silhouette. All of this unfolded against the harmonious backdrop of cool jazz, epitomising effortless style.
After World War II, Paris saw an influx of French youth congregating in iconic cafes like Le Café Flore and Les Deux Magots. Later in the night, around midnight, they flocked to jazz clubs such as The Tabou Club on rue Dauphine.

African-American musicians made a triumphant return to Paris, continuing the legacy of their 1920s predecessors. The inaugural Festival International de Jazz in Paris in 1948 featured luminaries like Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, and Kenny Clarke. The following year, fans and amateurs packed venues to hear legends like Sidney Bechet, the Charlie Parker Quintet with Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, and Mary Lou Williams.

Miles Davis captured the hearts of the French public during this time. He resided in the famous Hotel Louisiane, known for Bertrand Tavernier’s film “Round Midnight,” and contributed his bebop genius to French film soundtracks, including “Ascenseur pour l’Échafaud.”

It was a magical era for music, characterized by a laid-back and relaxed style.

We think the latest collection from Crane Brothers provides an abundance of options suitable for weddings, special occasions, and all the surrounding festivities. We are enamoured with the homage paid to timeless elegance, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist. And it’s heartening to see that the classic tuxedo and black-tie attire remain as strong as ever.

And for those whose tastes lean toward a more relaxed style or those who are planning a low-key event or wedding, the collection still offers a range of understated, elegant ensembles perfectly suited for occasions, ensuring you’ll find something that resonates with your style and the significance of the celebration.

The summer colour palette showcased in this newest collection is striking but also very wearable and versatile. It ranges from buttery yellows that transition smoothly into richer mustards and soothing tans. We find ourselves particularly drawn to the wide array of blues, spanning from the airy aqua-toned pastels to deeper corporate shades. The unexpected splash of lime green adds a refreshing touch as well.

These hues harmoniously complement the neutral, suiting shades like greys, ecru, and tan, creating a well-rounded and cohesive summer capsule for a wide range of style preferences and colourings.

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