Deadly Ponies launches second Recycle collection

deadly ponies recycle capsule

Further flexing their muscles as the world’s most sustainable handbag brand, Deadly Ponies have launched their second Recycle capsule.

This time, the New Zealand brand has turned its attention to small accessories. Mirroring their commitment to circular design, each piece has been carefully crafted from pre-loved and off-cut leathers. Of course, these materials were ethically sourced to begin with using chrome-free, bio or vegetable tanning where possible to ensure an afterlife is possible.

But sustainability doesn’t equal boring. These new-in accessories are more playful than ever before. We’re talking ultra-chic Airpod cases, sunglasses holders and keychains in a rainbow of pastel hues. Each one is unlike the next and will make mighty thoughtful gifts for loved ones. 

Deadly Ponies’ latest initiative is deeply rooted in creative director Liam’s first venture into design. He would take leather scraps from tannery cut-offs to bring his visions to life. To this day, the brand continues to strive towards a zero-waste future.   

In total, the second capsule has breathed second life into an impressive 81sqf of waste leather which would otherwise have ended up in landfill. But it doesn’t stop there. 

While Deadly Ponies encourage followers to nourish, repair and cherish their pieces, the accessories house understands that there comes a time when they are ready for their next journey.

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As a thank you for choosing to recycle your pieces with Deadly Ponies, you will be gifted a $50 voucher which can be put towards your next investment. What’s more, 10% of every purchase will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines which is designed to support cleaner coastlines and protect our natural biodiversity.  

The second Recycle capsule is all about celebrating not only the leather and history behind these accessories but the craftsmanship and commitment which goes into each bespoke piece. 

Visit Deadly Ponies online or follow @deadlyponies on Instagram to find out more.