Embodyme Daily Rituals

Presenting Embodyme – A new player in the realm of beauty, poised to revolutionize the approach women take towards self-care.

Recognising that women often place others’ needs before their own, Embodyme is determined to refocus this lens. It proudly launches a collection of four signature nurturing body oils, all derived from potent plant-based ingredients. These oils signify a carefully curated range of body care, motivating women to prioritise self-care and reconnect with their bodies and minds through daily rituals.

Founder Sarah Reid, armed with a background in luxury beauty and qualifications as a health coach, conceived EmbodyMe from a profound understanding of the modern woman’s demanding lifestyle. Her vision transcends conventional beauty norms, serving as a potent reminder that self-care is essential, not a mere indulgence.

“It’s time to appreciate that caring for ourselves is not selfish – it’s an act of love and strength that positively impacts everyone around us. Embodyme believes women should unapologetically prioritise self-care beyond just products for the skin, so our aim is to inspire women to embody the best version of themselves and embrace as many moments throughout the day to reconnect.” – Sarah Reid, Embodyme founder.

Embodyme‘s Nurturing Body Oils offer precious moments of tranquillity, allowing individuals to slow down, find inner harmony, and embrace their bodies. Aptly named Courage, Joy, Peace, and Kindness, each oil boasts premium, scientifically guided ingredients, expertly crafted to stimulate the senses, deeply nourish the skin, and nurture the mind. Their signature aroma blends evoke feelings of courage, joy, peace, or kindness with every use, making self-care an uplifting and transformative experience.

The Embodyme nurturing body oils use locally grown and ethically sourced ingredients, featuring a luxurious blend of premium plant-based oils. The hero ingredient, New Zealand-grown Golden Hemp Seed Oil, brims with Omegas 3, 6 & 9, and vitamins C, D & E, often referred to as ‘liquid gold’. Alongside Avocado Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and eco-friendly NeossanceTM Squalane, these oils offer deep hydration, promoting skin elasticity for a supple, radiant glow.

While Embodyme‘s Nurturing Body Oils remind us to prioritise our well-being, the brand believes genuine self-care goes beyond skincare. Empowering women, it provides a simple framework of eight self-care principles to weave rituals into daily lives, facilitating personal wellness journeys. With guiding principles like “Nurture Yourself”, “Move Often”, and “Stay Connected,” EmbodyMe fosters a supportive environment through its channels, inspiring a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The four Embodyme oils are explained below:

COURAGE (below)

Enhance confidence and strength.

With heart notes of mint, ylang ylang and patchouli, its aromatic benefits invigorate the senses promoting mental clarity and focus, a sense of calm and relaxation, while patchouli’s earthy aroma anchors the mind instilling a sense of inner strength and resilience.

JOY (below)

Encourage happiness and uplifting energy.

With heart notes of sweet orange, neroli and sandalwood, its aromatic benefits will bring a brighter energy to the mind by enhancing the mood, elevating the spirits and promoting a positive outlook on life to help instil a sense of happiness and joy from within.

PEACE (below)

Restore balance and calm to the mind and body.

With heart notes of lavender, bergamot and lemon, its aromatic benefits help combat an overactive mind whilst soothing the body and quieting the senses, providing a sense of peace and serenity.

KINDNESS (below)

Instil a loving and generous spirit.

With heart notes of rose, geranium and clove, its aromatic benefits uplift the mind and help to cultivate a deeper sense of love and appreciation for yourself which will, in turn, radiate outwards to the world around you.

Whilst everyone can benefit from the eight principles of self-care that Embodyme fosters, we think it is especially important to remind couples in the lead-up to their wedding day to live by the principles below to ensure they are heading into their wedding day with a clear mind and a healthy body.



There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to nurturing yourself. What you need today may differ from tomorrow or next week. It’s about slowing down, tuning in, and giving yourself what you truly need in each moment. Whether it’s a self-massage using our Nurturing Body Oil or enjoying a long, hot bath, cherish these precious moments to reset and reconnect. By prioritising self-care, you send a powerful message to yourself: you matter. Make yourself a priority every day and put your well-being first.


Living consciously means being present in every aspect of life. It’s about being aware of our thoughts, actions and choices, and intentionally aligning them with our personal values and growth. This level of self-awareness fosters a growth mindset, where we actively seek opportunities to learn, adapt and improve ourselves and the world around us.


Moving your body daily helps boost energy levels and immunity, enhances mental clarity, and fosters a deeper mind-body connection. Movement acts as a powerful antidote to the sedentary traps of modern life, bringing us closer to our natural state of being and empowering us to lead more vibrant and fulfilling lives.


Staying hydrated is essential for overall health and well-being, providing a multitude of benefits that often go unnoticed. This simple act of hydration fuels our bodies, boosting energy levels, enhancing focus, and keeping us alert throughout the day. Water acts as a secret elixir, improving digestion, flushing out toxins, aiding nutrient absorption, and giving our skin a beautiful, healthy glow.


Hippocrates was right: “food is thy medicine.” Eating for energy means providing our bodies with the proper nutrients to optimise its performance and nourish our minds. No one knows your body better than you, so it’s essential to tune into your body and discover which foods fuel your energy. By nourishing ourselves with foods that make us feel our best, we can enhance productivity, focus, physical stamina, immune function and overall well-being while reducing stress and anxiety.


Sleep is a game-changer for overall well-being, serving as the ultimate recharge for your body. During sleep, your brain repairs and strengthens your body, enhancing memory, creativity, mood, and even weight management. It acts as a secret weapon for your immune system and a reset button for your body and mind. Following a regular sleep routine improves concentration, mood regulation, and problem-solving skills and, most importantly, helps you cope with stress.


Stress is one of the biggest barriers to achieving optimum health and well-being, so actively seeking ways to stress less is more important now than ever. The benefits of doing so reach into every facet of our lives by improving our mental and physical health while also fostering deeper relationships. Learning how to stress less empowers us to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


It’s time to dial in and connect with yourself, your partner, family, friends, community and the world. By living life alongside your loved ones, engaging with your community, and staying connected to the world, you cultivate a sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and empower yourself to make a positive impact on your life and the world around you. Embrace these connections for a long and fulfilling life.

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