Giambattista Valli Paris

Giambattista Valli Paris presents its Resort 2024 collection, paying homage to the captivating charm of the French Riviera and the irresistible French Attitude. Perfect for stylish maids and guests.

This collection embodies luxurious elegance with a relaxed and effortless flair, showcasing the fusion of French chicness and coastal beauty. French is the attitude; Riviera is the inspiration.

The Resort 2024 Collection draws inspiration from the glamorous ambience of the region and the effortlessly stylish crowds that inhabit it. It immerses us in the heart of this jet-setting location, capturing the essence of French sophistication. Each garment embodies refined glamour and carefree elegance, reflecting the spirit of Valli women and a new generation that values timeless quality over flashy trends.

The Resort 2024 Collection showcases lush prints and motifs that evoke the charm of nature and a sense of well-being. The collection features various patterns like “Lucky Love” with a four-leaf clover motif, “Toi et Moi” with yellow anemones, “Saint Remy” with pink bouquets, and “Pensées sauvages” with poetic block prints. These vibrant floral patterns captivate with their enchanting allure. The collection also includes the “Côte d’Azur” paisley print in rich green hues, the “Saint Tropez” print depicting leaves and lemons, and the “Jardins du Cap” botanical print.

The textures and fabrics in the collection are meticulously chosen for their opulence and quality. From crisp cotton poplin to ethereal silk georgette, each fabric drapes the body with effortless elegance. Rich bouclés with sequins and embroidered details showcase excellent tailoring, while floral jacquards, macramés, and Chantilly lace add textural depth and feminine grace.

The Resort 2024 Collection’s colour palette reflects the vibrancy of the French Riviera. Lush greens represent exuberant landscapes, while fresh pinks capture the essence of blossoms. Deep chocolate browns and a fancy saffron yellow add richness, while pure ivory symbolizes sophistication, enhancing the sleek beauty and sharp silhouettes.

The Valli woman, embodying both a nomadic spirit and a strong connection with her femininity, lies at the core of Giambattista Valli’s vision. She embraces her wanderlust and effortlessly adapts to different environments, using her style to reflect her inner journey. With every design, the Valli woman exudes grace and confidence, crafting a look that is truly distinctive and personal to her.

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