Guerlain launches two new Aqua Allegoria fragrances

Since 1999, Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection has paid homage to gardens both real and imaginary through the power of scent. Naturally, the Together Journal team were thrilled to receive the Parisian atelier’s two newest fragrances: Flora Salvaggia and Nettare di Sole.

Sweet summer moments are bottled up in Flora Salvaggia. A heady scent, the fragrance mirrors the sun’s warmth with orange blossom, melon and wildflower accords. The gorgeous lilac scent is housed in Guerlain’s honeycomb bottle, making this a thoughtful gift for brides-to-be, friends and family.

Nettare di Sole is also a joyous tribute to the natural world. Ever since the brand’s iconic Bee Bottle graced the shelves back in 1853, bees have continued to be a great source of inspiration for Guerlain. At the fragrance house, they are a symbol of beauty, sustainability and preservation.

For the last decade, Guerlain has dedicated many of its time to many bee conservation projects such as the sponsorship of Ouessant Island Brittany Black Bee Conservatory Association, a partnership with the French Apidology Observatory and a bee school programme designed to raise bee preservation awareness among young people.

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So it comes as no surprise that Nettare di Sole was created in honour of the majestic creature. Calabrian Bergamot, Guerlain’s signature scent since its 1853 eau de cologne, boldly leads the fragrance. Magnolia, rose and jasmine sambac also play a starring role in creating the warm, sweet and comforting scent which is perfect for summer brides.

But these two magic fragrances aren’t the only Guerlain products to have fallen through Together Journal’s letterbox. The team recently had the pleasure of reviewing Guerlain Paris’ KissKiss Tender Matte lipstick, which is designed to keep lips plump, hydrated and smudge-free.

A must for brides, it’ll stay put for the big moment and beyond courtesy of its ultra-moisturising formula. For more makeup, skincare and fragrance reviews, head over to our beauty section.

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