Guerlain Paris KissKiss Tender Matte Lipstick

Guerlain Paris ‘KissKiss Tender Matte’

So you’ve mastered a great skincare routine and have created a make-up look guaranteed to make you glow, but what about the finishing touch?

Brides, say hello to Guerlain Paris’ KissKiss Tender Matte lipstick.

Designed to keep lips plump, hydrated and smudge-free; it’ll stay put for the big moment and beyond courtesy of its ultra-moisturising formula.

KissKiss Tender Matte is kind to the lips with a trio of active ingredients at its heart: hyaluronic acid, shea butter and rose petal extract.

This gentle but powerful formula gives a second-skin texture which makes for a light, barely-there sensation. The bottom line? You’re guaranteed up to 16 hours of fresh colour – perfect when there’s champagne to be drunk and kisses to be shared. 


Available in a romantic array of hues, there’s something for every bride no matter what the season from Eternal Red to Gentle Coral. Together Journal’s favourite? Tender Rose, which features in our photographs.  

A deep pink, it’ll bring a subtle pop of colour to spring or summer bridal looks – a great way to elevate minimal ensembles in one fell swoop.


Though the lipstick isn’t just about aesthetics, as it also boasts a warm vanilla and tonka bean fragrance. Top notes of lemon, orange and bergamot accord shine through with sweet rose and iris heart rounding to a sweet finish.

Not only is KissKiss Tender Matte a beautiful choice for your wedding day but future dinner dates and cocktail parties alike.

For further information, visit the Guerlain Paris website.