Real Wedding: Alyssa & Billy – Photography by Paula McManus

Billy moved to Seattle and started working at a pizza shop — the place I would hang out at, editing photos while waiting for my friends to finish their shifts.

We had mutual friends so would often strike up a conversation, but it wasn’t until a Halloween party that we really connected. I’m pretty sure it was my Catwoman costume that sealed the deal. Billy always talked about going to Paris to watch the 2016 Baking Olympics. We had been living together for almost a year when the competition rolled around. We set off on our trip to Europe. We were in Switzerland on a particularly dreadful day when we decided to hustle our way up a steep cliff to see what Billy had told me was the best view of the city. We were both drenched, the rain was horizontal and was slowly turning to snow. Looking back, it was wonderful that I was so grumpy about the weather, because it meant I was caught off guard when Billy brought out a gorgeous Victorian ring and popped the question! I had always had my eye on the vintage gowns in Gossamer. One night, a dress was posted on their Instagram account that stopped me in my tracks. I’ve never seen a piece of clothing that felt so right. I ordered it, assuming I would need to get it altered, but it fit like a glove. We were married on a clifftop in Northern Ireland by our dearest friend Finn, who delivered the most thoughtful speech. We had crystal glasses to clink together, and as we attempted to sip, with gusts of wind blowing past, all of our senses fully stimulated, it felt as if we would never make the moment last long enough. I think the main thing is that you and your partner need to find what works for you — for us, that means maintaining a balance between having a sense of independence and still celebrating your relationship and enjoying each other’s company. It’s healthy to have companionship but also to yearn for each other when you’re not together, for there is not one without the other. When we chat over dinner, on walks or in car rides, we ask ourselves what we can do better and what is on the table right now. There is always an opportunity to learn.

Categories: Weddings-Real Wedding: Alyssa & Billy - Photography by Paula McManusCategories: Weddings-Real Wedding: Alyssa & Billy - Photography by Paula McManus Categories: Weddings-Real Wedding: Alyssa & Billy - Photography by Paula McManus

Photography—Paula McManus Photography | Bride’s dress—Vintage from Gossamer | Groom’s suit—Nordstrom | Flora—The Rosehip and Berry  | Rings—Isadoras Antique Jewelry | Shoes—Go Jane | Bride’s necklace—Bare and Golden | Makeup—Alima Pure | Special song—‘Sincerely, Severely’ by Morningbell | Food—Bootleggers Burgers | Celebrant—Finn Tollefson | Hair—Bride did her own