Issue 30 Gift Wishlist

Whether it’s your partner, friend, family member, or colleague, finding the ideal gift to celebrate the special people in your life can often be a challenge. But worry not! We’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection of the finest gift ideas, ensuring that every occasion is marked with joy and appreciation.

ABOVE: 01 Laguiole slicer from Tessuti, @tessuti_nz 02 Acme X Karen Walker Bobby mug from Karen Walker, @karenwalker 03 Pinto baskets by Città, @citta 04 Divine Ritual face sculptor from The Beach People, @thebeachpeople 05 Capital leather wallet by Barkers, @barkersclothing 06 Micro heart bag with pearl strap from Zambesi, @zambesisince79

ABOVE: 07 Bath Mat Rex 41 by Missoni Home from Sisters & Co, @sisterssnaps 08 Point modular floor lamp by Città, @citta 09 Diamond Dice High Vis glasses by Karen Walker, @karenwalker 10 Lavenham jacquard coat in Floral Cream from Karen Walker, @karenwalker 11 Florence table lamp from A&C Homestore, @achomestore 12 Waffle wool blanket from Città, @citta

ABOVE: 13 Mother Made medicinal mushroom capsules for energy from Paper Plane, @paperplanestore 14 Sand cashmere and silk polo by Crane Brothers, @cranebrothers 15 Marlo contrast wash bags by Città, @citta 16 Lulu stool in lilac by Special Studio from Paper Plane, @paperplanestore 17 The Rachel Plate by Abs Objects from Makers Mrkt, @makers_mrkt 18 Super Duper Strength glasses in Lilac Plum by Karen Walker, @karenwalker 19 Queens boot in ecru by Chaos & Harmony, @chaosandharmonyshoes

ABOVE: 20 Bennett Winch olive canvas backpack by Crane Brothers, @cranebrothers 21 Rose soothing & protective moisturiser by MV Skintherapy from The Facialist, @thefacialist_ 22 Corey Ashford oyster incense holder from Paper Plane, @paperplanestore 23 Broadway Cotton Crew by Barkers, @barkersclothing 24 Leif Boronia hand wash from Sisters & Co, @sisterssnaps 25 Oil burner designed by Henry Wilson from Simon James, @simonjamesstore 26 Chelsea shoes in olive by Chaos & Harmony, @chaosandharmonyshoes

ABOVE: 27 Curve mirrors by Tigmi, @tigmitrading 28 Stemless glasses from Everyday Needs 29 Lukeke x Karen Walker tall bulb vase from Karen Walker, @karenwalker 30 Ritual Kit, The Embodied from Sisters & Co, @sisterssnaps 31 In The Round House pasta bowls from Sisters & Co, @sisterssnaps 32 Decorative motif rings by Sorellina from Lulu’s Collective 33 Rains raincoat and laptop bag in Mineral from Smith & Caughey’s, @smithandcaugheys

ABOVE: 34 Archie cups by Thomas Yeend from Makers Mrkt, @makers_mrkt 35 Vanfall jug from Everyday Needs, @everydayneeds 36 Chloë Sevigny X Régime des Fleurs Little Flower eau de parfum from Simon James, @simonjamesstore 37 Praya Blazer by Barkers, @barkersclothing 38 Trinity shoe in tan nubuck by Chaos & Harmony, @chaosandharmonyshoes 39 Runaway large gathered bag by Karen Walker, @karenwalker

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