Issue three released today!


How much do you love our cover?! Hopefully as much as we do! We’re big believers in trying something new, and when we had a go at laying this pic up, we felt the joy just emanating up off the page. We think it’s really ‘us’ – chic but playful, authentic yet stylish, utterly unique, packed with emotion and imagination… and lots and lots of love! These stunning images were taken by Danelle Bohane and they were taken at an actual wedding (the wedding of James & Georgia) which we have featured inside.

Speaking of love, and style, we’d like to take a moment to wish every couple celebrating a significant wedding anniversary this season a big congratulations, not least our very special ‘Down The Track’ couple Karen Walker and Mikhail Gherman, who tied the knot 25 years ago this April, in Karen’s parent’s garden. Find out how their love has endured and just what our first lady of fashion wore on her big day, on page 150.

According to tradition, Mikhail and Karen should be receiving gifts of silver, as well as bunches of beautiful irises. We believe flowers play a wonderful role at every stage in a marriage, and this issue we have some next-level blooms – from the lush and decadent flower wall in our Flora fashion editorial (page 100) to the spectacular showcase of arrangements created by some of New Zealand’s top florists at a recent workshop held by Nicole Land of Soil & Stem in the breathtaking Waingake Valley.

We couldn’t let the sublime Nicole go back to her home at the foot of Utah’s Wasatch mountain range without learning a little more ourselves, and you’ll find that lovely chat on page 128. Another touch of American charm this issue came in the form of New York fashion and lifestyle photographer Heidi Browne, who shot our on-location fashion editorial while she was out in new Zealand.

For the boys peering through all the pages of pretty petals right now, we’ve added a new regular feature, ‘The Together Gentleman’ (page 122), with lots of good solid man-to-man advice about your part in proceedings, from how to get the cleanest shave and hold the most memorable stag do to the best stress-reducing supplements and the bottle of spirits every groom should have on hand for the drive to the venue.

There’s also a spread of the most deliciously different desserts you can imagine including some wild and wobbly jellies, and quite a lot more besides!

TJ x

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