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In the tropical heat of the Hawaiian Islands, a precious golden flower with a glowing red heart turns its elegant, tubular face towards the sun. Every afternoon, as the waves wash lazily across the sand, the delicate petals of this optimistic little flower unfurl in full adoration of the rays’ warmth. A sun worshipper, if ever there was one. 

This is the grand introduction to Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense, one of the beautiful scents from Jo Malone’s new collection: Blossoms.


Daydreaming beyond British shores, the perfume house sought inspiration from far-flung places this season and the results are a complete joy.      

“Our Blossom fragrances are often inspired by white or pastel-hued flowers, so with hibiscus we had the chance to work with something bold and colourful,” says Global Head of Fragrance, Celine Roux.


In a time where we’re craving a little colour in our lives, Blossoms is a feast for the eyes and nose with limited edition scents including Yellow Hibiscus, Frangipani Flower, Nashni Blossom and Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

jo malone together journal review

Together Journal had the pleasure of trialling a couple of the fragrances and the team is already had over heels for the line.

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First up: Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense (photographed below). Inspired by the bloom’s enchanting petals and tropical home, mandarin plays the top note with sweet vanilla at its base. Of course, red hibiscus sits at its heart complemented by Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.


Yellow Hibiscus Cologne Intense mirrors the beauty of its sister fragrance but this is a lighter, more floral scent. Rose underpins this fragrance which offers spicy, honey facets when the perfume unfurls. White Musk is the base note with Yellow Hibiscus at the opposite end of the scent scale, pushing a bright, sparkly scent.    

jo malone blossom collection

Frangipani Flower is one for those seeking a warm fragrance while Nahi Blossom is a bright tribute to the start of spring with zesty lemon and crisp apple taking centre stage.

Jo Malone has even introduced a body mist to the collection for when you fancy a lightweight spritz that’ll squeeze into your carry-on. An homage to Covent Garden’s early morning market, Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Mist is bursting with the scent of spring flowers and sweet fruits. This is a must for those seeking a little luxury on the move.

jo malone blossoms

As you will have already noted, each fragrance is housed in an ultra-chic bottle which boasts a round iridescent top and ombré base – a beautiful silhouette for catching the rays on your vanity.

But Jo Malone has covered all bases this season. The Silk Blossom Diffuser landed on the Together Journal desk and we’re already head over heels.

jo malone diffuser

Designed to create a joyful atmosphere at home, it’s an homage to the hummingbirds and butterflies which flock to the tempting blooms of the silk tree. The fragrance will last for around three to four months and will make for a thoughtful wedding gift.    

jo malone blossom collection reed diffuser
jo malone diffuser

Again, the diffuser is also bottled in a chic home and comes in Jo Malone’s signature box.

Of course, we can’t forget one of Jo Malone’s cult fragrances: Orange Blossom Cologne. Clementine flower sparkles over the heart of orange blossom and water lily here with undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver.

jo malone orange blossom cologne review

This is a seriously dreamy choice for brides and maids alike. Or of course, a brilliant present if you feel like treating yourself!

jo malone orange blossom review

Are you daydreaming in colour?

The Jo Malone Blossom collection is now available to purchase in store and online. For further information, visit the Jo Malone website.