Juliet & Justin

Justin and Juliet 2

One morning, Justin and I decided to go and hang out at a beach close to where we used to live in Auckland. We were the only ones there and what started out as quite an overcast day became beautiful and sunny. For some reason that year whenever we were at the beach I found lots of feathers and took them home with me, and as I was sitting there Justin said ‘Hey, look there’s a feather’, so I reached out to get it and pull it from the sand… and kept pulling… There was a string tied to the bottom of the feather and a ring box buried deep in the sand. When I turned around, Justin was on one knee and asked me to marry him. He proposed with my grandmother’s beautiful ring……. (read more inside issue 2 available here: Issue 2)

Justin and Juliet

Juliet & Justin inside Issue Two available here: Issue Two

Juliet dressed in Zambezi, Justin in Zambesi Suit | Stylist, Greta Kenyon | Colour Photography, Coralee Stone | Black and White Photos (real wedding), Libby Robinson | Makeup, Josie Wignall for MAC Cosmetics | Hair, Hamilton Brooks | Floral Wall and Location, Blush