Karen Walker – Adventure Charms

Charm bracelet from Karen Walker's Adventure Charms jewellery collection.

Put on your walking shoes and hoist that bindle over your shoulder this summer, Karen Walker is taking you on a charming adventure.

Karen Walker’s latest jewellery collection is led by the iconic and ever-intrepid Runaway Girl, bindle firmly in place and marching forth, searching high and low for adventure. Uncover the magic of Adventure Charms as you read below for more.

Adventure Charms, the latest collection from Karen Walker, is a chestful of iconic designs that take on a new form. Here you’ll re-discover treasures such as the much-loved KW bow, the pearled hand of wisdom, the carousel horse, the brilliant KW rocket, the trusty axe, and the endearing girl robot. Diving deeper into this trove of enchantment, you’ll also find the the steadfast arrow, anchor, and the signature KW anthropomorphic moon which are some of Together Journal’s favourite styles.

With unwavering spirit, the Runaway Girl presents the Runaway Girl Charm Bracelet and the Adventure Chain Necklace – both exquisite settings that help showcase your treasured charms. Available in sterling silver and 9 carat yellow gold, these little charmers beckon you to celebrate your journey.

And, for those adventurers in search of something to adorn their lobes, you’ll be excited to know that there are four new pairs of hooked earrings, featuring duos of trusty KW axes, brilliant rockets, feathered arrows, and nostalgic carousel horses.

Let the adventure begin, with Adventure Charms awaiting discovery in all Karen Walker stores, on karenwalker.com, and in select boutiques, department stores, and jewellers from 15 November 2023.