Karen Walker Jewellery Lunar Signs

It’s time to celebrate the lunar New Year, and what better way to celebrate than with one of Karen Walker Jewellery’s newest Lunar Year pendants. Following on from the release of their Tiger Necklace for the ’22 New Year, they’ve completed the dozen with every animal of the Lunar Year family.

No matter what your year, you can carry with you your special animal and signal to the world just why it is you’re the way you are. View the full Karen Walker Jewellery Lunar Year collection below…

Whether you’re an adventurous rat; an industrious ox; an enterprising tiger; a kind rabbit; an imaginative dragon; a smart snake; an energetic horse; a loving ram; an inquisitive monkey; a diligent rooster; a genuine dog or an earnest pig.

The entire collection is available in yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver. All pendants are presented in a special lucky red box with Karen Walker Jewellery’s gold filigree pattern.

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