Kim & Markus by Valerie Fernandez

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship…

We have been a couple since over ten years. Our relationship started when we were still in high school. It’s not always been easy but there was always this special spark between us, something enchanting, deep in our hearts, that always brought us back together. Love for us is a fragile thing, just as life itself.

You have to take care of it. You are responsible for where it goes and how deep your love grows. One thing which is thereby so important for us, if not the most important thing in love is open communication. We talk about everything, our joys, dreams and sorrows. We tell each other what needs to be said. It might hurt a little at the time, but we have learned it is the unspoken words that can really shake up a relationship. And communication has proven all the more important since we took on our world trip in October 2018. At first, Markus wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of leaving it all behind, the places we know, the ones we hold dear, it took a lot of thinking, and talking, to make a decision on our mid-term future in a way that we both could fully embrace. Since we left we’ve had to find our together rhythm again. Consider what each of us longs for, what pace suits us both, the way we approach life, the things we value most. How it all fits together. Questions every individual is confronted to at some point, and every couple, too. Coming from different perspective, we don’t always see eye to eye, but again, communicating openly and being appreciative and respectful of each other’s opinions has proven key to us. It feels like growing up together, everyday. And we make a conscious choice to walk this road together, every day. With lift each other up, without forcing each other. And boy, it’s been the best year of our life so far. We have come to places, so beautiful we still can’t believe they exist, we learned so much and we were able to meet the greatest of people, and we are so thankful for all of it.

The photo session on Tanna was definitely one of the most memorable things. The island of Tanna is hard to describe. It’s not comparable to any other place. It’s wild and lush, then ashy and rough, it is wide and beautiful. Offering some of the most unique and untouched places we have been to. A crystal clear, turquoise blue cave like we haven’t seen it before for only us. An ash plain as wide as our eyes could see with marble tones and pretty much no one else. Adventure, pure nature and some of the loveliest people ever. Valerie was much more than a photographer that day– a guide and a friend. She genuinely loves her home islands and takes real pleasure introducing people to their beauty. She gifted us with a true escape from everyday life and her empathetic personality enabled her to capture all our changing moods and all that is light and deep about us as a couple.

What were some of the most memorable/unique moments from the day?

Without any question the most impressive moment which we will never forget was the moment we stood on the crater of Mt. Yasur volcano when it started erupting. That deep and full sound was so terrifying but at the same time life inhaling that we had to hold our breaths. We could have been there for hours and hours, watching the sun go down and in one of the most insane sunsets we ever experienced, taking in this fierce beauty. It was an unforgettable experience, so unique that we hope not so many bloggers will find this place. It’s still so untouched, so pure and we somehow felt more connected to nature and our planet than on most of the places we’ve been to before.

Photography: Valerie Fernandez | Organiser- logistic: Vanuatu Bucket list | Accomodation: Tree Top Lodge and Rockwater Resort | Tours: Entani (Volcano Safari) | and Blue Cave Tanna | Groom’s outfit: Trouser- Zara, Shirt- All Saints | Rings: Melanie Casey | Shoes: Groom- Adidas NMD, Bride- Reebok White Classic | Jewellery: Bride’s necklace is a family heirloom given to Markus for his birth | Makeup: Trend it Up by dm