LA MER by Jasmin Sparrow

A celebration of the energy, shapes and movement of the sea, Jasmin Sparrow‘s latest collection LA MER pays tribute to the beauty found in the tones and texture of nature.

When Jasmin Scott was a little girl she spent many an hour fossicking along the wild and beautiful coastlines of New Zealand while her dad went in search of decent waves to surf. There’s a distinct organic feel to Jasmin Sparrow jewellery – a love of an elegantly irregular shape or imperfect finish – and Jasmin traces it back to those days. “We were taught to pay attention to our surroundings. It gave me an affinity for the natural world and also a desire not to take more than I can give back,” she explains. “For that reason, it’s very important to me to create pieces that aren’t driven by trends. I want to make pieces that will be treasured and worn forever.

We see that influence intricately intertwined in her latest collection LA MER, which continues to investigate a fascination with natural elements and their dynamisms. This collection turns hardened creatures of the sea into delicate wearable forms.

Jasmin Sparrow makes exquisite pieces for the modern bride that are versatile to wear at a wedding and then every day after that. From delicate to bold, the LA MER collection has a range of pieces that are perfect for a bride and her wedding party.

Pearls embody the ocean – one of Jasmin’s original and ongoing sources of inspiration and a focal point in the Aime earrings. With your choice of gold or silver and a citrine crystal or pink topaz stone, these earrings would be perfect for a bride wanting to effortlessly make a bold statement. The mix between a solid structure and a delicate pearl contrasts beautifully.

Similar to Jasmin Sparrow’s iconic pearl drop earrings, the Amie Earring’s point of difference is the bold lines that point towards the citrine gemstone or the pink topaz jewel in the centre, representative of texture found in the ocean. A baroque pearl hangs softly from the earring inviting movement and playfulness.

Water, a metaphor for change, evolution and regeneration, is also a place for reflection — a medium that both separates and unites us. LA MER is a lament between the soft and the hard, the protected and the exposed. But ultimately, this collection is a celebration of nature and how we respond to its offerings.

The Ancre ring is playful with a small single pearl as the focal point, this piece is intricate and fine and again we see the mix of two textures, reflecting beauty in contrast. Like waves in the ocean or texture on delicate seashells, the Torque ring is bold in style with distinct lines.

The LA MER collection explores the idea of coiling: a chamber for inward retreat, or armour against the rhythmical muscle of the tide. Baroque pearls, conical limpet charms, recycled metals and gold intersect each other, mimicking both aquatic symbiosis and classical artifacts.

We adore the Homard Hoops. Again seeing the wave-like earrings absorb the ear lobe in a lick of shell whorl. Daring in style and forward in fashion, these hoops are some of our favourites yet. Perfect for a bride wanting something bold to contrast against a white dress.

Much like treasures carefully gathered over time, Jasmin Sparrow’s collections past and present are intrinsically intertwined. Each piece is crafted to be mixed and matched with those that have come before — never forgotten as season’s change.

We see the influence of previous Jasmin Sparrow collections here in the Perle Anklet, a tender string of pearls that wrap the ankle bone like a cold wet tendril.

This piece is divine and delicate, it would look beautiful as a hidden treasure under a wedding dress, or perfect to compliment a modern wedding shoe, with a cropped ankle-length dress.

Perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself, this timeless piece will get worn for years to come.

Keeping best sellers available permanently is an ongoing testament to creative director Jasmin Scott’s brand philosophy of pieces that stand the test of time. Forgoing seasons and trends, instead created to be passed down through generation.

The Victorie bracelet and necklace are both delicate pieces that represent individuality in unique forms. Elongated oval links encircle the neck, with organic sea pearls placed irregularly throughout the chain. Coming together with a toggle closure that accents the timeless quality of the piece.

This duo is a statement part of the LA MER collection and although bold, they are perfect for everyday wear. These iridescent pearls catch light in different angles adding layers of distinct elegance to this classic chain style.

The pearl is the one material that seems to embody many of Jasmin Sparrow’s influences. These classic gems crop up in Jasmin Sparrow pieces in the most unconventional ways, like in the Victorie pieces, nestling between the silver links or embedded in a bold pearl drop earring.

“There is something special about working with materials that come from nature,” says Jasmin. “The freshwater pearl is a beautiful gem that we’ve worked with right from the beginning. I love the challenge of modernising them. And I just think it’s such a flattering material next to the skin, everyone suits pearls.”

The Reine Necklace merges two of La Mer’s stories featuring a pendant of the same scale and setting as the Bernique Earring on a string of pearls. We love seeing the contrast of different materials beautifully coming together as one.

Created for women who appreciate style with empathy, Jasmin Sparrow works with ethically-sourced stones and recycled metals, producing environmentally conscious jewellery. Each collection pairs a selection of gemstones that are sourced worldwide from mines that are dedicated to using ethical mining and cutting practices. All pieces are made using recycled metals and are designed around the organic shape and form of the stone, resulting in a unique and inimitable finish. The gold plating process is conducted in New Zealand, adding a few extra microns onto each piece to ensure longevity for the wearer.

The LA MER collection is now available online and selected stockists around New Zealand.