maple spring 2021 collection
Images courtesy of Marle

To mark Marle‘s spring 2021 collection ‘You Got Mine’, the New Zealand atelier takes us on a cinematic journey which plays on the colours and patterns of the new line.

Directed by award-winning director Stacey Lee, the film pays tribute to the natural world’s architecture from the desert’s mountainous sand dunes to the ocean’s white ruffles. Mirroring founder Juliet Souter’s design aesthetic, the film explores juxtaposition whether that’s between day and night, black and white or slow and kinetic.

In a similar fashion, Marle’s spring collection is guided by the natural movement of fabrics whilst honouring the brand’s signature characteristics and silhouettes. Asymmetry is at the forefront of the line with space dedicated to exaggerated twists, classic cuts and traditional gathers.

In further homage to Souter’s coastal surroundings, the spring line is grounded in a natural colour palette making for an everyday wardrobe that women can love (and live in) for years to come.

Classic rib has been reinvented this season too with a new elegance forged through tight weaving and a more amplified flute finished with eyelet detailing.


The spring 2021 collection will be welcomed in three drops, each carefully crafted from biodegradable fabrics. Expect elevated basics beautifully created from certified organic cotton, natural linen and hand-washed silk.

As per every Marle launch, intentional design is at its heart to ensure a lasting, relevant collection for the modern woman.

The collection is now available to pre-order.

Find out more on the Marle website or follow @_marle on Instagram to find out more.                  

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