Men’s Modern Heirlooms

There are some things you just can’t put a price on. Explore some of our favourite men’s products, carefully designed to last lifetimes and worthy of heirloom status.

Passed from generation to generation, inheriting a family heirloom is an incredibly personal gift that holds deep sentimental value. Guy Thompson of Guys Gold puts it simply, “You’re not simply buying a men’s wedding ring. You’re buying a piece of your story. One that will be passed down for generations to come.”

Durability and timeless style are two key things to keep in mind when purchasing a gift intended to be with a family for generations. We think a pair of Cufflinks from Crane Brothers or a vintage watch from Wynn & Thayne is a great place to start. A ring from Guys Gold is an easy choice, especially because they’re designed with the intention to one day become a future family heirloom.

Explore this curated edit of our favourite pieces below worthy of heirloom status.

Above: Guys Gold Rectangle Signet

Above: Crane Brothers Alice Made This “Alexander” Steel Cufflinks

Above: Guys Gold Circle Signet

Above: King Seiko Watch from Wynn & Thayne

Above: Crane Brothers Codis Maya Smokey Mother Of Pearl Capsule Cufflinks

Above: Guys Gold Flat Band

Above: Crane Brothers Ettinger Black Capra Double Watch Roll