Miss Crabb – Neoclassica Winter 2018

Neoclassica is a new, strong and edited collection of Miss Crabb classics you know and love.  Neoclassica collections will be released twice a year, featuring fresh signature colours and fabrics and an everchanging mix of favourite styles from the last 14 years of the Miss Crabb clothing archive.

The focus is on the timelessness of Miss Crabb; reflecting on the true classicism of the brand and pieces by incorporating styles made up to 14 years ago. Kristine [Crabb] has delved deep into her archive, drawing inspiration from past designs. She reminds us that part of the fun of fashion is to dig up the past, to see old work in a contemporary light. Neoclassica brings back personal favourites of [Kristine] Crabb; the iconic Sovereign dress and Fleetwood Mac dress (first made in 2010), both adding a modern, romantic feel to the collection.

Longtime followers will recognize styles from recent seasons; the C’Mon Billie shirt and PJ Harvey trousers, signature robes, the Dreams Top Rock and World Record dresses. The popular ‘Barbie’ pink suit ensemble from SS17 has had a glamorous make over – the Valentina Jacket and La Rosa trousers are now available in black satin, this is already proving to be a coveted look amongst the Miss Crabb family.

As always, there are the ‘one-size’ pieces, catering for the ever-changing female form. Kristine recalls “I was initially inspired by this concept when I was having my babies. I needed beautiful stuff to wear that wasn’t necessarily only for pregnancy and that I could continue to wear! It works so well in a commercial sense too; our pieces are for all women”. The simply-cut geometric shapes enhance the fluidity of Miss Crabb’s pieces – giving you that exceptional drape and movement that they are famous for. It is a strength and focus within the Miss Crabb brand, singular in its design and approach.

This mega collection – is the first time these iconic Miss Crabb pieces have been shot as one collection. Photographed by Rebecca Zephyr Thomas, set design by Kristine Crabb, featuring art works by Ruth Buchanan, Erica Van Zon and Francis Till. Neoclassica will be launched on Tuesday, 20th February and presented via a live mannequin window display in store at 41 Ponsonby Road. The full range will be available in stores and online from then.

Miss Crabb | Model: Raina at Clyne | Hair: Maggie at Colleen | Make up: Katie Melody Rodgers | Photographer: Rebecca Zephyr Thomas | Set design: Kristine Crabb | Artworks: Ruth Buchanan, Erica Van Zon, Francis Till.