Natalie Marie Jewellery x Ash Holmes Art

To celebrate 10 years in business, Australian jewellery house Natalie Marie Jewellery is launching an extremely rare Gold in Quartz collection in collaboration with contemporary visual artist Ash Holmes.

Founder and Head Designer of Natalie Marie Jewellery Natalie Fitch and Artist Ash Holmes have crafted an exclusive edit of works, Gold in Quartz, in their respective mediums, to mark 10 years of Natalie Marie Jewellery.

Dedicated to love, growth, expression and creative maturation, the NMJ exclusive edit of 10 one-off designs – a piece for each year of Natalie Marie Jewellery – features rare Australian native gold in quartz drawn from Natalie’s personal collection (near impossible to source), possessing profound emotional significance.

“These stones are incredibly unique and the only stones of their kind I have ever come across,” says Natalie. “They have sat in my personal collection for years, waiting for their time.”

Each piece is as unique as the next, the collection is shaped by an organic, irregular form and intricate hand beading detail. Rendered in 18ct yellow gold, the asymmetrical signet styles have sweeping bands with textured surfaces and are accented with small Argyle origin champagne diamonds.

While spending time with the collection’s stones, Natalie recognised their own likeness to paintings – micro-scale natural works of art, full of movement, fluidity and depth – akin to visual artist Ash Holmes’ works.

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Inspired by Natalie’s custom edit, Ash has created 10 accompanying works of visual art. Both mediums speak the same aesthetic language: that of the heart and hand working in unison, deeply appreciative of process and material, surrendering to the practice – each creator guided by the material, rather than controlling it.

Every stone used in Natalie Marie Jewellery’s range is tested and reviewed by the brand’s qualified in-house gemologist to ensure it matches certified specifications and strict quality standards.

Natalie Marie Jewellery was born out of a passion for the craft. At the core of the brand is a dedication to traditional, superior craftsmanship; a focus on sustainability and high-quality materials; and a commitment to its own unique style.

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With the belief that jewellery is both art and an investment and NMJ takes pride in every piece created. Offering a non-traditional jewellery experience, creating a relaxed, comfortable, holistic approach with a focus on sentiment and connection, NMJ designs combine minimal styling with traditional detailing and embellishments – a unification of its jewellers’ own design visions – which results in an aesthetic that speaks its own distinctive language.

The creative collaboration of jewellery and art will be open to the public from Friday 7 October 2022 at Hake House, Dee Why where you can expect to see the artistic sensibility, passion and heart translated into each piece.

Natalie Marie Jewellery subscribers will have exclusive access to shop the collection ahead of the official launch on Tuesday 4 October.

Learn More at Natalie Marie Jewellery and Ash Holmes.