NZ Fashion Week 2023: Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester proudly presents 93 23, a tribute to three decades of her creative journey.

The year 2023 marks a significant milestone for Kate Sylvester, and in celebration, she draws inspiration from her archives to craft a collection that beautifully reminisces about the iconic moments that have graced the past 30 years. Named 93 23, an exquisite reflection of the collection’s inception and culmination years, this collection exudes a tactile exploration of Kate Sylvester’s rich heritage.

With an artistic touch that’s uniquely hers, Kate pays homage to her signature styles. Impeccably tailored shirt dresses, dynamic suiting ensembles, and gracefully flowing knitwear seamlessly mingle with classic KS pairings like high-waisted undergarments, full skirts, and effortlessly chic menswear-inspired suits. A touch of femininity shines through every piece, from elegant white pumps to the signature poppy lip. The current Spring Summer collection dances in harmony with heritage, as cherished pieces are artfully combined to narrate a tale of timeless elegance.

The runway comes alive with oversized neckties, reminiscent of the Charming Man collection (SS’10), playfully adorning modern suiting silhouettes and billowy dresses. The patterns of yesteryears grace the stage once more, as the iconic Sakura dress silhouette (AW’18) takes center stage, crafted from the ethereal Garden Floral georgette, a reimagination of the Romeo 4 Juliet collection (SS’15). The Roses print from Royally Screwed (SS’08) assumes a new form, adorning slouchy maxi dresses that elegantly slip off one shoulder.

In an extraordinary tribute to her 30 years of design, Kate introduces the ‘KSwan’ capsule collection, a bespoke array of garments that seamlessly intertwine modernity and nostalgia. Singularly Kate Sylvester, these exclusive pieces capture the essence of her most beloved brand elements. Drawing inspiration from her Arts and Craft collection (SS’99), an effortlessly elegant white shift dress is intricately stitched. A sculptural taffeta skirt in minimalist grey shares a ‘Sister’ moment, accompanied by an oversized leatherette vest. The Prince of Wales check from Wolf (AW’07) undergoes a transformation, reimagined in a bodice and trouser ensemble that playfully reveals a hint of midriff. The white lace maxi dress, adorned with voluminous puffed shoulders, harkens back to the brides of Kate’s Charming Man (SS’10) and Love Letters (AW’20) runways.

Each piece in the collection radiates femininity and romanticism. A sheer slip dress with delicate grosgrain panels, along with enchanting follies trimmed in intricate lace, coexist harmoniously with a luxuriously soft jersey embroidered with a prominent KSwan motif. Subtle hints of leatherette make appearances, adorning bikini tops and undergarments, while a nod to couture is embraced as toiles and petticoats transform into outerwear, boasting raw calico edges. The cherished KSwan monogram takes on a life of its own, gracefully billowing as a cape and making a grand statement in the form of a full Belle skirt matched with a complementary shirt. The 30th anniversary edition of the monogram scarf, drenched in poppy red, is a heartfelt tribute to ‘Frances’ (AW’19), masterfully stitched together.

Peering into the future, Kate draws inspiration from her forthcoming AW’24 collection, inviting oversized camel and denim trenches to pair harmoniously with boxy vests and wide-legged jeans.

Kate Sylvester‘s 30th anniversary show not only pays homage to the remarkable journey Kate has embarked upon but also celebrates the steadfast principles that have guided her. It’s a testament to clean, powerful design, the celebration of femininity, the uplifting power of vibrant colours, and the sheer delight of adorning oneself in beautiful garments.

For more information, visit the Kate Sylvester website HERE, or Instagram HERE