Objects of Desire Issue #27

Issue 27 of Together Journal objects of desire brings fresh inspiration of emerald greens, teal sapphire and playful setting arrangements. We have bundled together the best of the most desirable pieces from some of our favourite designers and stockist for you below.

Above: 01 Zoey Bridal floral earrings by Amélie George 02 P29 earrings with freshwater pearl by Completed Works at Sisters & Co 03 Gardenia diamond earrings by Grew & Co 04 Aiona diamond wrap ring by Natalie Marie 05 Eureka diamond ring by Grew & Co 06 Vera aquamarine dress ring by Jewellers Workshop

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Above: 07 Darling diamond ring by McClurgs 08 Leilani wedding band by Natalie Marie 09 Vega loop chain earrings by Natalie Marie 10 Mei cluster ring by Natalie Marie 11 Ray of Light diamond ring by Baby Anything 12 Sundar earrings by Zoe & Morgan 13 Prana necklace by Zoe & Morgan 14 Quinn teal sapphire ring by Grew & Co 

Above: 15 Vine diamond ring by Grew & Co 16 Chelsea diamond ring by McClurgs 17 Double rope solid gold band by Jasmin Sparrow 18 Rainbow Sempera band by Zoe & Morgan 19 Essential diamond pendant by McClurgs 20 Rosa Earrings by Grew & Co 

Above: 21 Ellery earrings by Amélie George 22 Milly diamond ring by McClurgs 23 Diamond trio ring by Natalie Marie 24 Eclipse moon and star necklace by Karen Walker 25 Cupid’s arrow heart necklace by Karen Walker 26 Bamboo hoops by Karen Walker

Above: 27 Maleny gold hoop earrings by Amélie George 28 Anine Bing link necklace at Sisters & Co 29 Stratus earrings with freshwater pearl by Completed Works at Sisters & Co 30 Cupid’s arrow & heart sleepers by Karen Walker 31 Stella diamond band by Jewellers Workshop 32 Communication Vishuddha necklace
by Zoe & Morgan 33 Teal sapphire signature solitaire ring by Natalie Marie 34 Cupid’s heart ring by Karen Walker 35 Sphere drop earrings by Paco Rabanne at Sisters & Co  

Above: 36-37 Godavari X WORLD Collaboration rings at WORLD 38 Cleopatra emerald ring by McClurgs 39 Topaz and gold Monti earrings by Temple of the Sun 40 One of a Kind 342 ring by Zoe & Morgan 41 Tara triple band diamond ring by McClurgs

You can purchase Issue 27 here