Olivia Palermo celebrates with GIAMBATTISTA VALLI PARIS.

American socialite and longtime friend of GIAMBATTISTA VALLI PARIS, Olivia Palermo and her husband, model Johannes Huebl, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last weekend in Baden-Baden, Germany, on June 28th-29th.

For this momentous occasion, Giambattista Valli had the honour of dressing Olivia in three distinct masterpieces from his Haute Couture Collection N°25, each selected to highlight her impeccable style and grace.

Photo fo the couple below by Jeff Thibodeau / @jeffthibodeauco

First dress: Look #9 Justi Giambattista Valli chose a silk cloqué dress exquisitely scalloped with guipure lace, paired with a silk duchess fabric top embellished with a crystal chevron. This creation elegantly balanced texture and sparkle, perfectly setting the tone for the celebratory event.

Below are photographs by Nika Gunchak / @nikagunchak

Second ensemble: Look #25 Valeria For her second look, Valli selected an ensemble comprising a sequin-embroidered lace bralette and skirt, accompanied by a draped cape of tulle and silk chiffon. This ensemble exuded a romantic yet modern flair, capturing Olivia’s chic and adventurous fashion sense.

Below are photographs by Nika Gunchak / @nikagunchak

Third dress: Look #31 Melissa To conclude the celebrations, Valli dressed Olivia in a strapless Anis silk taffeta draped dress, accented by a silk duchess belt tied in a graceful bow. This dress epitomized sophistication and elegance, making a stunning statement for the finale of their anniversary festivities.

Below are photographs by Nika Gunchak / @nikagunchak

Giambattista Valli’s selections for Olivia Palermo showcased his unparalleled craftsmanship and ability to blend timeless elegance with contemporary style, making their anniversary celebration truly unforgettable.

Below, we have a selection of event photos by Jeff Thibodeau / @jeffthibodeauco

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