Pacifica Penthouse Surprise Proposal

Tell us about your proposal day. Were you surprised? How did you feel?

Brittany: I woke up on Friday morning and received a call asking to do a catering job that night. This didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary for me as I do a catering job as a side hustle. I had instructions on where/when to arrive. I was even asked to bring supplies for the job.

When I arrived at the Pacifica and found out the catering job was in the penthouse I was nervous, I remember saying oh must be a fancy event to be in the penthouse. Little did I know Reuben was waiting there for me to arrive ready to propose. I met the event coordinator who told me about “the event” on the way up the elevator to the very top floor. When we got out of the lift she led me to a door and then opened it for me across the room I was so surprised to see Reuben standing there, I wondered what he was doing at the same job I was at, then I clicked.

There was romantic music playing, he was standing there looking so handsome. There were 360 views of the city. I was so surprised and it was honestly the most exciting moment of my life! He said the cutest speech, I was crying and then he proposed!!

What will you both always remember from this day?

Brittany: I wish the whole night was filmed so I can remember every detail of the night. But I’ll never forget the feeling seeing him standing across the room and realising what was happening and being like wow this is it. Reuben had a tear in his eye and I was crying haha it was just a beautiful moment when we realised wow, we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Reuben: The week of the engagement was very busy at work for me. I knew that it wouldn’t probably sink in until just before she arrived. And just like that when I saw her walk through the last door some dust flew into my eyes making them water LOL. It was so awesome to see how shocked/happy/loved she was. It was surreal but beautiful. I’m so glad we have the most amazing photos to remember the day.

Tell us about your proposal, what gave you the idea, how you planned it?

Reuben: Due to being in Real Estate I kept an eye on the Pacifica development. When it came closer to the time the Pacifica Super Penthouse was still vacant. I thought how incredible it would be to propose up there with the most incredible views. I thought it was even cooler that it is still a raw concrete shell. Awesome that we were probably the only ones that could ever do it as it is going to be sold.

Approximately 2.5 months from the engagement I emailed the head of Hengyi NZ explaining the idea, selling the dream. She came back in 30 minutes saying she would love to help make it happen. Straight away I called my friend and said that we could actually pull it off. Approximately three weeks prior to the date we went on a scout to the location with my friend Eugene and my amazing photographer Jim.

From there I got in touch with a few florists to organise a floral arrangement that would wrap around one of the concrete pillars in the apartment. We ended up going with Ruby who did an incredible job – because of this we are now using her for our wedding.

The story had to be planned down to every detail as Brittany seems to always figure it out.

Photographer: Jim Haung / Florist: Ruby Lou Floral Design / Location: The Pacifica