Together Journal #35 Digital

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What a thrill to have a full bridal party dressed by fashion designer Juliette Hogan on our cover! Just six months ago, in issue 33, Juliette announced her return to bridal wear, and now her gorgeous gown and bridesmaid dresses are already gracing our cover. It’s a joyous full-circle moment!
Cover bride Olivia has been a devoted Together Journal reader for several years and even discovered her dream engagement ring within our pages. Perhaps you will, too? Our Precious Gems feature showcases a curated selection of jewellery brands from around the globe, featuring everything from breathtaking statement engagement rings to stylish accessories and earrings for bridesmaids.
This issue elegantly intertwines design and fashion with weddings, featuring an in-depth conversation with Murray Crane from Crane Brothers. As he celebrates 25 years in the industry, Murray shares his forward-looking vision, promising more innovation and style in the years to come.
We jetted off to Australian Fashion Week with Sisters & Co founder Rodelle Payne, immersing ourselves in the glamour of the shows. As Rodelle curated her upcoming collections, we gained exclusive insights into the future of occasion dressing and beyond. This journey solidifies Sisters & Co as the ultimate destination for elevated fashion.
Entrepreneur Tom Hollow unveils his latest venture, Social Lover, adding yet another photography brand to his impressive portfolio. This move demonstrates his keen eye for trends in the world of photography, ensuring he’s always at the forefront of innovation.
In addition to our exquisite gifting and fashion pages, this issue features 14 uniquely stunning real weddings. Every week, we are continually surprised by the real weddings we receive. This ever-evolving world of weddings seems to be moving faster than ever before, making it one of the most exciting and enchanting landscapes to be immersed in.