Real Wedding: Julie & Thom – Photography by Bayly and Moore

I joke-wooed Julie while co-hosting a show on the TV channel U Live. My progress became a regular segment on the show, which stretched out for months because I have no game.

We decided to get married over a Justin Bieber calendar (I’d asked for a Justin Timberlake calendar for Christmas, and she ordered the wrong one. Not bitter about it or anything). We needed a new visa for the US, and looked to the calendar to see when we needed it by.


Our wedding day was fun. I got up early and snuck out to Rockaway for a surf in the morning. The girls fussed with their hair, while the boys sat in the lounge doing nothing and wondering whether it was time get ready or not. It wasn’t. We taxied to City Hall, took a number like we were at the butchers, and sat in the stalls for our turn. Jules got lots of photos with the other brides who were there, half of whom were in their trackpants. After the ceremony we took some photos in an alleyway behind the McDonalds in Chinatown, and then wandered up to Hotel 60 to meet our buddies for a party.

Julie’s dress was made by the only lady in New York crazy enough to say she’d do it in less than four weeks. No one else would even give her an appointment to buy one off the rack in that time frame. Chantelle was a god-send. At times we thought she was mad – she had a tiny office in a skyscraper in Lower Manhattan, and a few pins and a tape measure were the only giveaways she was actually a dressmaker. When they met to decide on the fabrics, all the samples she bought were green. But somehow she pulled it all together in record time.

Our photographers Sophie Bayly and Si Moore gave us some really incredible advice for the day, which went something like this: 1. Your parents stress about dumb things. Tell them everything is sorted, and then give them some menial tasks to keep them busy and out of your hair. 2. You influence the vibe of the party. If you’re worried, everyone at the party gets worried. If you’re stressed, everyone gets stressed. And if you’re happy, everyone is happy. So just be happy. 3. Don’t wait to eat. Fill your tummy. 4. Try not to lose your keys, wallet and suit at the reception.

Photography by: Bayly & Moore / Location: New York City
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