Real Wedding: Laura & Ed – Photography by Bryony Tyler-Whiteman & Rambo Estrada

We met in 2013 when I photographed Ed at the restaurant where he was sous chef, while documenting a special event dinner. A few weeks later our paths crossed again at a barbecue and the sparks flew as we washed dishes. We were pretty much inseparable after that and have now designed our lives so hospitality hours won’t keep us apart. This winter we’re opening a restaurant together, so our marriage is as partners in life, love, friendship and business.


Our wedding day was hands down the happiest day we’ve shared. Everyone said we just radiated pure joy. We’d had four days of family and guest gatherings and dinners beforehand, which really contributed to the genuine warmth and connection at our wedding.

The weather didn’t go to plan. We’d thought the end of January was a safe bet but instead we exchanged vows in a thunderous downpour! Luckily we had a marquee set up and my godfather found 40 large white umbrellas to rent the day before. Looking back, we wouldn’t want it any other way – the electricity in the air, the mist and the scent of the rain-soaked forest was so evocative and beautiful. We sure are glad we made a wet-weather plan though!

I’d tried to grow as many wildflowers as possible but the erratic summer meant I didn’t get as many as I’d hoped. Our florist Lydia has an amazing network of sustainable local flower growers and grows many of her own blooms, but it meant a lot to me that flowers from my garden and my dad’s featured in our arrangements. We also picked and dried the confetti ourselves, which was a lovely DIY project. And my sister-in-law spent hours weaving fern fronds to hide the aluminum frames, which helped me get over the fact we couldn’t be in the open air.

My dress is a bespoke design by Natalie Chan. From engagement to wedding day was just four months, so Natalie was an absolute dream to accept making my dress in that time frame, and then exceeded all my hopes and expectations, creating a fairytale dress that will remain a stunning garment I can wear again in the future.

We wanted to end our ceremony with sabrage, and even though it’s a longstanding tradition in my family and I’ve had a lot of practice, my bottle exploded and glass hit one of the groomsmen and a flower girl. I was devastated, but nobody was seriously injured. It made for a lot of jokes for the rest of the day! My wedding gift to Ed and I was the Laguiole saber I used, though I might be a bit nervous using it again!

Photography by: Bryony Tyler-Whiteman & Rambo Estrada / Location: Clevedon
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Brides Dress, Natalie Chan | Hair and Make up, Madeleine Page | Brides Shoes, Reiker | Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Attire, Barkers