Secret Manor – Hera Couture

Secret Manor, the latest shoot from Hera Couture, draws inspiration from designer Katie Yeung’s travels through Europe and the profound effect history and art has on her own designs. Secret Manor launches the new collections Capsule & Minimalist.

Memories of the Musee de Louve, Palace of Versailles and Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore, have deeply impacted Hera Couture’s new Capsule and Minimalist collections. Nostalgic flashbacks of cool marble, precious stones, the smell of old paint and the sight of naked female forms on ceiling domes, encouraged Katie to use these fragments as inspiration.

Katie wondered: “How do I design a collection that includes a whisper from these past, passionate artists? How can I dress the beautiful, yet real women, depicted in the sculptures and paintings I saw? How do I bring these women into the modern day and make them feel as free and gorgeous as they are in the artist’s depictions?”

This feeling of awe and heritage directly influenced Katie’s designs as well as the choice of shoot location.

“When we first visited the manor, I knew it was perfect. The owner is an artist and he reminded me of the old masters, working in a grand space with his work displayed proudly on every wall, opera playing in the background on an old radio. It restored the feeling of quiet grandeur I experienced in the galleries of Europe.”

Zoe Stowers, from Unique Model Management, was specifically chosen to represent this feeling both in look and aspirations, her sophistication and elegance a perfect match for the Hera brand.

Katie says “Zoe is stunning and smart. She is studying law in order to help others and I’ve always enjoyed working alongside young woman who I see inspiring their peers.”

Katie has used the highest quality silks, satins, crepes and laces, custom made and sourced from around the world, to bring her new designs to life. Together with her tailoring skills, Katie has created gowns that are finely crafted with perfect fit.

“Our fabrics are unique, with subtle beading and three dimensional lace work. They are created stitch by stitch by our in-house beading artisans. I combine these materials with lightweight boning, to create an invisible in-built corset. It brings the bride’s waist down one size but the feeling is barely there, unlike other gowns on the market which can literally take your breath away.”

The Capsule and Minimalist collections showcase and celebrate the skills of Hera Couture’s ateliers, and the grace of Katie’s designs, to stand proudly among leading bridal designers.

Katie says “I’ve created a luxurious collection for brides who appreciate quality and refinement. When you put a Hera gown on, you should feel beautiful, bold and timeless.”

Photography: Jesse & Jessie Bridal Gowns: Hera Couture