Shiseido Christmas Gifts

To me, from me are the only words you need to write on the top of your Christmas present sticker this year. Shiseido are renowned for their anti-aging skin care technology. Pairing fresh blends with floral and spice to bring homely aromas of Christmas to your skin this holiday season.

The wonderful team at Shisedo have introduced technologies into these products that, to put it simply; take the cake when it comes to skin firming. And by cake, we don’t mean that rock hard Christmas cake with the weird fruit bits, we mean the boozy trifle, but we’re not sure if “take the trifle” had quite the same ring to it. 

So the technology behind the skincare – It’s quite fancy lingo, but bare with us while we give you a quick run down on what makes these technologies so great. 

KURENAI-TruLift Complex™- contains Safflower Extract, Odoriko Botanical Extract and Bulgarian Rose Water, known to support the functions which bring out the skin’s firm look.

ReNeura Technology++™ which enhances and accelerates effects that fight against signs of aging.

Lifeblood™ helps to improve blood flow, which delivers important nutrients and immune cells throughout the body, leaving beautiful skin that glows from within.

This summer they are taking skin care to a new level with the Power Infusing Concentrate. This award-winning serum is now upgraded with The Lifeblood™. The serum activates the skin’s inner defensive power and helps prevent aging while constantly promoting the skin’s beauty circulation for healthy, vibrant skin. 

And we haven’t forgotten the Uplifting and Firming Cream… this is a silky, luxurious cream that helps to reawaken the skin, for a more youthful, fresh glow!

If you are like me and found the Lifeblood™ fascinating you can have a read through more info HERE.

To purchase a beautiful gift for a loved one or just a cheeky self love gift, then jump on over HERE to check out the Power infusing concentrate, and HERE for the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream.