SLOW By L’eto Bridal

It was the year that changed everything.

By now, we are well versed in the affects of a global pandemic, on small businesses, brands, individuals, the hospitality industry, those in a medical profession, the list goes on. There’s no doubt L’eto has felt the constant wave of stress and anxiety, just like everyone else.

But for everyone at L’eto, we have been focused on the moments in between; the grateful smile from our barista as we continue to show up each morning, the compassion and love we feel from those in the industry, and the triumphant feeling of being able to move production to a local atelier in Sydney, amid and despite all of the chaos.

As the title states, this is not just your average press release, which speaks to what the collection Slow means to L’eto Designer, Anya. Born from the desire to modernise the bridal landscape, L’eto has seen much success in the years since its conception, but this collection is different.

Slow represents the undoing of what we currently expect from Australian bridal ateliers. It reverses the sense of monotony akin to the present landscape of bridal retail. And, it paves a new way for how a bride seeks to find her wedding gown, through evoking a sense of careful consideration for the brand she chooses to represent her on her wedding day.

Anya’s desire was to bring back the tradition of choosing an atelier to design your clothes, your shoes, your dress, just as things were in the early 1900s. During a time when choice is so prevalent in the fashion and bridal industry, it seems there is such a lack of choice around who you want to represent you on your wedding day.

Slow is for the brides who seek to align with a brand that can represent them on their wedding day not on surface level, but on deeper topics and truths such as sustainability, supporting locally, ethically and personally.

The collection was photographed in Sydney by the ever-talented Jeremy Cho featuring local beauty Helena Vestergaard, with hair and makeup by Cherry Cheung. Anya wanted the photoshoot to represent a new direction for the brand; local, sustainable, considered and slow.

The warm hues, muted focus and exploration of light and shadow play homage to the key messages we need during this time, and always. An ode to love. An ode to hope.

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