Solasta Blooms

Solasta Blooms: Cultivating Boutique Floral Couture, for Unforgettable Moments.

Based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Solasta Blooms, founded by the talented florist Laura, stands as a radiant testament to the fusion of nature’s beauty and human creativity. Laura’s journey into the world of flowers commenced during her time abroad in the U.K., where she was drawn to flowers and the meaning behind them. Upon returning to her hometown, Sydney, Laura honed her craft at Pearsons School of Floristry, a decision that would shape her life and the future of Solasta Blooms.

Now with six-plus years of experience, Laura’s passion for flowers is evident in her commitment to delivering the freshest, highest-quality blooms sourced locally from markets. Her goal is simple yet profound — to infuse life with the magic of flowers. Nature, with its unspoken poetry, becomes a canvas for Laura’s creativity as she translates her knowledge and flower skillset into breathtaking arrangements.

Solasta, a Scottish word meaning bright or luminous, holds a special place in Laura’s heart. This term, resonating from her time in Scotland, marks the inception of her floral journey. It’s a period she cherishes, and through Solasta Blooms, Laura shares the beauty and vibrancy she discovered during those unforgettable months.

Solasta Blooms caters to a diverse range of occasions, from birthdays to weddings, workshops, condolences, and installations. Laura and her team specialise in tailoring individualised floral plans for every event, ensuring a seamless journey from the initial meeting to the grand celebration. Recognising the profound impact flowers have on happiness, contentment, and community connection, Solasta Blooms takes pride in being an integral part of these moments.

One distinctive feature of Solasta Blooms is the personalised touch it brings to each client’s experience. The business offers complimentary in-depth discovery flower meetings, complete with individualised flower plans, mood boards, and a delightful surprise upon securing the date. It’s a testament to Laura’s belief that the little things are, indeed, the big things.

The five-star Google reviews attest to the excellence that Solasta Blooms consistently delivers. Laura and her team are not merely curators of beautiful blooms; they are storytellers who weave the essence of couples’ styles into every arrangement. From wild and organic to modern and bespoke, Solasta Blooms ensures that every wedding day is a reflection of the couple’s dreams and desires, acknowledging that in these celebrations, the little things are, undeniably, the big things.

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